Five Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with romance. Both men and women are looking for ways to make this romantic day special. However, it can be tempting to go down the well beaten path and do something everyone is doing. Maybe that’s okay. Maybe she’s okay with going to a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you want to be different. You don’t have to go down the beaten path. All you have to do is to get creative. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day different and special … [Read more...]

5 Android Apps for Couples

There are plenty of apps that can be used by couples to share information, but the app market also contains lots of other options. This article looks at five Android apps your partner and you can use to improve your relationship, to help solve issues, or just for fun. 2gether Many modern, tech-friendly couples share a large number of private -- and even intimate -- pictures. But with so many public phone hacking scandals in the news and personal images appearing … [Read more...]

Flowers for Valentine’s Day – What Certain Flowers Mean

Valentine's Day is the holiday of love and romance. The gift you give your Valentine is a symbol of your love and affection toward them. If you are thinking of giving someone special flowers on Valentine's Day, wouldn't it be nice to know if a particular flower has its own special meaning? Many flowers have, for centuries, carried a special meaning - a symbol, if you will, for a particular feeling or to send a subtle message. Knowing this can sometimes help with … [Read more...]

Why You Are Not Meeting the Man of Your Dreams?

You may have not had a date for over a year because you can’t find a man who lives up to your standards. Or you could be experiencing the opposite – you’ve been on numerous dates, but none of the men you’ve met even remotely begin to fit the description of your dream guy. It’s likely that one or more of the scenarios described below fits you. Once you work out what is blocking you from your dream guy, you’ll be much more likely to meet … [Read more...]

Tips For Surviving An Office Romance

Ah yes, romance is in the air…and so are those piles of paper you should be working on! You are in love but you are in the office! What do you do? How do you proceed? Tip 1. Always know the company policy on romance. Yes, we know reading policies is boring but you want to keep your job, don’t you? And you just have to ask that new person out, you just have to. Well, most companies frown on dating between co-workers, especially if they’re in the … [Read more...]