Tarot Magick: Carl Jung, Synchronicity and Divination

Sting and The Police were so fascinated by it that they named their final studio album after it, and Carl Jung, the prominent Swiss psychologist, dedicated his career to it. What do the musicians and the psychologist have in common? Synchronicity, or as Jung called it, "the acausal connecting principle." Interestingly, when you read the works of Jung, synchronicity begins to sound more like a law of nature than a psychological principle. And in fact, to … [Read more...]

Reading the Tarot Intuitively

You have seen the beautiful tarot decks at a store or fair. You may have gotten a reading from a professional. The Tarot interest you. You buy the deck that calls to you with its artwork. Now what do you do? How do you actually use your beautiful, new tarot deck? You can, of course, read the little pamphlet and memorize all the meanings of all the cards, upright and reversed (when a tarot card is drawn upside down is called 'reversed'). You might discover, however, … [Read more...]

Those Mysterious Three Wise Men From The East

The legend of the Three Wise Men is a popular topic around Christmas time. If you are wondering just who the Three Wise Men are, you are not alone. The men and the stories that surround them are quite mysterious and fascinating, and a fair amount of time and research has been dedicated to finding out as much as possible about these men. Throughout history, the Magi have been referred to as kings and wise men. Magi is a term that has been used since as early as 6th … [Read more...]

Is Astrology Really Scientific?

It is not uncommon for popular astrology websites to have millions of visitors weekly. After all, who would not want a sneak peak at the future or to have important insights into individuals that who know (or would like to know). It would not be surprising to discover that more people know more about astrology, than, say, higher mathematics. Of course, this is a disturbing possible fact for hardcore skeptics of astrology, especially for strictly scientific thinkers. … [Read more...]

Some Basic Palm Reading Tips

Many are quick to dismiss palmistry as a shallow, meaningless activity—but there’s more to the well-known spiritual art than it seems! Palmistry’s most used form is chiromancy, which is explained in depth below. Palm readers who are chiromancers prefer to read the lines on the hand and explore fortune-telling. In order to be a successful chiromancer, the first step is to develop a basic understanding of the hand’s principal lines. The life line … [Read more...]