Tips For Surviving An Office Romance

Ah yes, romance is in the air…and so are those piles of paper you should be working on! You are in love but you are in the office! What do you do? How do you proceed?

Tip 1. Always know the company policy on romance.
Yes, we know reading policies is boring but you want to keep your job, don’t you? And you just have to ask that new person out, you just have to. Well, most companies frown on dating between co-workers, especially if they’re in the same department and pursuing your love affair could get you fired. Get yourself fired, and your new love will dump you soon enough for a more successful person. So congratulations, you just lost your job and your love! If you don’t want this scenario to happen, please review your company policies on office romance.
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Tip 2. Be steady with your advances.
Okay, for you its romance but for the other, its harassment. So when you start your advances and your co-worker complains, who will management listen to? Of course, they will always listen to the poor abused worker and not the stalker who should be working in the first place! Unless you decide to hire a lawyer to prove what you were doing does not amount to harassment (and this is going to cost you a year’s salary), you will be out in the streets soon.

Tip 3. If you are dating, keep it secret.
Unless your company is very lenient, the moment management finds out, you are doomed. Always go out after work. Never ever go on a date before the clock strikes five. Lunch dates are fine; just make sure it’s not obvious that the two of you are dating. If an office mate finds out, beg them not to tell management. Again, we refer you back to tip 1. If you lose the job, you will lose the love to.

Tip 4. Make sure you are in love. Really.
Child labor has been banned for decades so if you are in the office, chances are you are old enough to know the difference between love and infatuation. The first few dates are fine. They’re usually a get-to-know-you kind of thing. But if your relationship’s not going anywhere, stop it. Oh, by the way, do not date someone higher in rank just to get a promotion! You will regret that later once word leaks out.

Tip 5. Be professional.
Please, no matter how much it may cheer your loved one up, do not wear that shirt you received as a gift to office. No matter how much you want to embrace your new candy bar while working, do not! No matter how much you may want to sit on the lap of your new boyfriend, or have your new girlfriend sit on yours, do not! Save all the kisses and letters for after work. While in the office, focus on the job at hand. For girls, do not wear too much make-up just to look good for your guy.

Tip 6. Do not send romantic emails while working.
Yeah, you have to tell your loved one how much you love her or him. But does it have to be every single minute? Many company email systems are not secure. If you keep sending those messages, chances are either your boss or management or that nerdy IT guy who stays after work hacking your emails will discover your relationship.

Tip 7. Discuss your relationship with your partner.
It’s good for the two of you to be in the same page all the time. You may be following all these advices but your partner is not. Teach your partner the pitfalls of having an office relationship and what it can do to both of your careers. If you both agree to still continue the relationship, set some guidelines.

Tip 8. Work at work … do not become overly distracted!.
Do not just fall in love and then spend all day sighing how good-looking the new sun in your life is. You are in office to do one thing: work! Save the sighs for later.

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Tip 9. Prepare for the worst.
There is always the chance your relationship will be discovered. In the world nowadays, privacy is becoming a thing of the past. Even if you are very careful in keeping your relationship in check, the one close friend who you revealed your relationship to may blabber all about it on Facebook. You knew the consequences when you two started dating, so prepare for the worst.

Tip 10. Have an affair, NOT affairs.
Trying to keep an affair secret (and staying focused on your work at the same time!) is tough enough, how much more if you are going out with two or three office mates? Think of your future for once. This is not college where having more is better. Stick with one and maybe, just maybe, you will keep both your affair and your job. Stick with two or more and you will lose everything. Guaranteed.

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