Frequently Asked Questions About Antimatter

If you've ever had anything more than a passing interest in the world of science fiction, you have probably heard about the exotic 'antimatter'. You have perhaps even found yourself asking if antimatter is even real or whether it is just something invented by writers. The answer is 'yes', the existence of antimatter has been known for decades. And recently it has even been created in miniscule amounts by the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Antimatter is the … [Read more...]

Near Record Number of UFO Sightings in Canada in 2013

According to UFOlogy Research there were a near record number of UFO sightings in Canada in 2013. With 1,180 reported sighting, 2013 becomes the second most active UFO year in Canada in the past 25 years. UFOlogy is a Winnipeg based organization and every year they publish the 'Canadian UFO Survey'. The year of 2012 hold the record for the most number of UFO sights with 2,000 sightings. Why the Spike in UFO Sightings? There are a number of theroies as to why the … [Read more...]

Mysterious UFO Encounters in Suffolk, UK

Something is happening in the skies above Suffolk, UK. This area has an unusually high incidence of UFO sightings covering a period of more than 50 years, including incidents as recent as 2011. It was the site of two of modern ufology’s most debated incidents, one of which has been called the “British Roswell,” and the fact that these events are documented in military records has brought them much publicity and serious scrutiny. They are the … [Read more...]

The Riddle of Dark Energy

The world of physics is a confusing mix of the observational and the experimental. Scientists that study physics often find they must admit whole new concepts into their understanding of how the world works. Such is the case with dark energy and its related concept dark matter. Dark Energy Not much is known about the dark energy. The term was coined to explain the amount of energy that was suggested by mathematical computations and its effects on the universe’s … [Read more...]

A Fresh Look at the Apollo 12 Space Mission

While the first mission to the moon gets all the attention (and the near disaster of Apollo 13 was immortalize as a testament to succeed against all odds in the movie Apollo 13) it is important to note that subsequent space missions made great scientific breakthroughs as well. As the technology used to send men into space continued to mature, other space missions were planned and executed, and those missions helped us gain a new understanding of the universe and our … [Read more...]