Why You Are Not Meeting the Man of Your Dreams?

You may have not had a date for over a year because you can’t find a man who lives up to your standards. Or you could be experiencing the opposite – you’ve been on numerous dates, but none of the men you’ve met even remotely begin to fit the description of your dream guy. It’s likely that one or more of the scenarios described below fits you. Once you work out what is blocking you from your dream guy, you’ll be much more likely to meet him.

Help Finding The Perfect Man Do You Really Know Who You Are Dreaming Of?

You are going to have a difficult time meeting the man of your dreams if you don’t have a clear picture of who he is. If your definition of your ideal guy is someone who is “handsome, tall and has a sense of humor,” you’re being too vague. You may meet a breathtakingly handsome man who towers over you and who thinks the height of comedy is someone tripping over a curb. Instead of falling for someone who falls short of your standards, spend some time defining them before you begin dating. You’ll save both yourself and your dates a lot of time.

Some women have standards so low they’ll date anyone if he has a job or a car – having both are not necessarily a requirement. Do you want your man to have a job that is capable of supporting a family? Is physical fitness important to you? What kind of education do you have? Chances are you’ll have better compatibility with a man who is from a similar educational, cultural and socioeconomic background.

You Do Not Set the Same Standards for Yourself

Setting your standards high for a partner is never a bad thing. However, if you do not meet the same high standards you are setting for others, your chances of getting together with your ideal man are slim. Want a physically fit guy? Get in shape. Want a guy with education? Educate yourself. Expect your guy to be a snazzy dresser? Wear fashionable clothes that are always neat and clean.

He Does Not Exist

If the guy of your dreams is a married movie star, a veterinarian who also dislikes cats or a trial lawyer who is laid back and likes to spend quiet evenings at home, chances are you aren’t going to meet him, much less get a date. This is because he either doesn’t exist or is completely unattainable. Learn to recognize unrealistic ideals by realistically evaluating them. If they don’t hold up against reality, let go of your imaginary dream guy, because he won’t ever materialize. By doing so, you’ll be opening the door for a real man to walk into your life.

You Are Not Putting Yourself Out There … How Can He Find You?

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You’ll be searching for your dream guy for a long time if you don’t put yourself into situations where you have the opportunity to meet the type of guy you’re looking for. Once you’ve defined your dream man clearly enough to be able to determine where he might spend his time, go to those places. Attend rodeos, professional events, sports events and other locales where you might find him. Once you’re in his milieu, you’ll have a better chance of meeting him.

You may not ever meet a man who meets all of your criteria. This is not to say that you’ll never find the man of your dreams, however. He might be the male friend sitting across from you at the coffee shop who you’ve never considered romantically because he’s in management, and you always dreamed of marrying an engineer. Or he could be the guy you’ll meet next week at your nephew’s soccer game who is a little on the short side, but who loves kids. Many people don’t realize that they have the partner of their dreams until they’ve been together for years. This could be the case for you as well. You don’t have to kiss a frog, but kissing a basic, decent guy or two could land you a prince.

Clarify your goals, get out there and meet people and get your own act together. Once you’ve taken care of this basic business, you increase your chances of winning your own special dream guy.

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