Facts about Ebola Virus and Dogs

In Spain, the dog of a nurse infected with the Ebola virus was euthanized. The Spanish authorities feared the dog, Excalibur, might represent a source of infection for people. However, under similar circumstances in the US, the dog belonging to a Texas nurse was treated differently. Rather than being euthanized this dog was put under house quarantine for close monitoring. Given the serious nature of Ebola, these actions appear inconsistent and confusing. If dogs can … [Read more...]

Is a Lack of Sleep Keeping You From Losing Weight?

Are you struggling to lose weight even though you are eating a low calorie diet and squeezing plenty of exercise into your day? A lack of sleep may be to blame. Research has shown that those who get less than 6 hours of sleep have much more difficulty losing weight than those who get 7-8 hours of sleep nightly. Sleep and Activity Levels When your body is not well rested, it tends to conserve energy to prevent you from becoming even more exhausted. As a result, you … [Read more...]

Exercising With Cold and Flu Symptoms

Making an exercise routine part of your daily routine can help to ensure that you keep going back to the gym. Under normal circumstances, an exercise routine can be easy to keep up, but what happens when you get sick with the flu or a similar common illness? If breaking the established workout habit is out of the question, then what are the safety concerns and limitations to consider? A workout routine performed while a person is sick is still possible depending on … [Read more...]

Tips For a Healthier Coffee Habit

To many of us, a day without coffee is a day without sunshine. Coffee is liquid sunshine. A hot cup of good coffee is comforting. It is energizing. The warm cup in our hand feels like we are hanging-up being with a good friend. Coffee always seems to be there when we need it and even when we don't. Bottom line: We coffee lovers need our coffee. Yet, many health experts criticize the coffee habit that many people have. They would rather that coffee lovers breakup their … [Read more...]

Think Before You Put Acid In Your Mouth (No, Not That Kind Of Acid)

Each time you sit in a dentist’s chair, worried about when she will take out the drill tip, you probably vow to yourself that you will pay any price and take any preventive steps necessary to have this never happen again. If you’re serious about that promise you’ve made to yourself, it’s time to make good on it. Certainly, you need to brush regularly and see the dentist once every couple of months to catch any dental problems early. You also … [Read more...]