Five Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with romance. Both men and women are looking for ways to make this romantic day special. However, it can be tempting to go down the well beaten path and do something everyone is doing. Maybe that’s okay. Maybe she’s okay with going to a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you want to be different. You don’t have to go down the beaten path. All you have to do is to get creative. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day different and special … [Read more...]

Sweep Her Off Her Feet: Tips for the First Date

You did it. You met an awesome woman. You got her number. And you got her to go out with you. All of those can be nerve-wracking in their own right, but now comes to the true test: the first date. Everyone guy wants to set up a perfect first date, but in all honesty, there's no real formula for a perfect first date. Every woman is different and has different needs and expectations. But if you follow these five simple tips, you'll be sure to have a great time. And more … [Read more...]

Reasons He Never Called You After the First Date

You hate first dates. The worst first dates are the ones that go extremely well, and then guy pulls a disappearing act and you never hear from him again. Since the actual date was successful, you have no idea what went wrong. Perhaps, he lost your number, you think to yourself. However, that is not likely, especially since he has your work email too and still hasn’t reached out. Even though you may never get down to the specific reason why he disappeared into thin air, … [Read more...]

4 Signs You Are Dating A Toxic Man

Dating a toxic man for too long can really mess you up in future relationships. Most toxic men are very good at what they do and it doesn't take long to convince you to see things their way. This article outlines 4 signs that you are dating a toxic man. One: He belittles your feelings Everyone’s feelings matter. It doesn't matter if someone else doesn't understand why you are happy or sad or upset, you are entitled to your feelings. If the man you're dating tells … [Read more...]

Determining Compatibility on the First Date

Every first date is a gamble. No matter how much you might know about a person, the very specific context of a date can change everything. This problem is amplified when it comes to finding partners on dating websites. Online profiles simply don’t give you the information about someone that a face-to-face meeting can provide. And, needless to say, blind dates are total shots in the dark. A first date is, in almost every case, a leap of faith. It’s a … [Read more...]