Turn the Tables on Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can undermine our happiness and damage our self-esteem. You know it and I know it. Destructive, negative thoughts can begin when you least expect them, and once negative thinking begins it can be particularly hard to stop it. Traditional advice on dealing with negative thinking is to "forget about it", to suppress those unwanted thoughts. Some people advocate to try and replace negative thoughts with positive ones, which is just an effort to … [Read more...]

How to Get Outstanding Job References

Outstanding references are crucial to the recruitment process. If an employer conditionally offers you a role, he or she may withdraw the offer if your references do not come up to scratch. It is vital, therefore, to make sure that you have outstanding references before you even apply for the job. Make sure that you always have the best possible references by following these simple tips. Choose your referees carefully The chances are that you there will be many … [Read more...]

Using Mind Power Techniques to Boost Your Income

No matter how religious or un-religious you are there is a mind-body-experience connection cannot be underestimated. The 'mind power' concept is more a matter of spirituality/metaphysical/mental fitness than it is about religion, or science, or psychology. You can bet that one of the three tips for harnessing the power of your mind to increase your income (or loose weight or find the perfect relationship) will be re-invented and released as a new self-help book within … [Read more...]

Lose Your Case in Small Claims Court? Learn How to Appeal

The rules for filing cases in small claims court are the same in every U.S. state. The rules are not conveniently consistent when you need to appeal a judgment, though. The appeals process varies from one state to the next – some do not even have an appeals process. There are states where you can appeal the decision by a judge but not one by an arbitrator. In some states, only the defendant (the accused party) has the right to appeal – the plaintiff (the … [Read more...]

Don’t Take a Foreclosure Lying Down

Do Not Just Accept an Unfair Foreclosure - You Can Challenge It in Court and Win Up until five years ago, challenging a foreclosure in court was a difficult proposition and only rarely pulled off successfully. The situation couldn’t be more different now. The media have reported constantly for years on how the mortgage lenders have exploited their authority and used predatory practices to throw people out of their homes. The good work done by consumer … [Read more...]