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As the story on our front page goes, 1NetCentral was inspired by the old time bulletin boards one can find in country stores and Post Offices all throughout rural American. The source of 1NetCentral’s inspiration are bulletin boards found in the stores, post offices and tiny public building located deep in the remaining redwood forests along the Pacific coast of California. This site is owned by a curmudgeon who lives deep in those woods and operated by that old bearded bard with the help of occasionally paid staff. Our free article directory is a unique concept and run by unusual people.

storeThe original articles directory was launched in 2011 and was shut down because it failed to develop as planned. We’d hoped to allow writers, authors and others to freely submit articles and a well rounded, well written directory would evolve. What we got were volumes of articles on obscure topics like marketing feather dusters online to cats. We got badly written articles; articles ‘spun’ or re-writes of articles already available on the Web; articles from ‘promoters’ stuffed with links sold to others. Yes, we did get many great articles,and to those who contributed those articles we say ‘thanks’. Unfortunately, the number of quality articles were too few and including those well written articles with all those junk articles was unfair to honest writers and unfair to us. Consequently, the entire articles directory was erased and the project halted until the grumbling old owner could come up with another plan.

We wanted a free articles directory to provide lots of well researched information on many general topics.
We wanted an articles directory where you can go to get good, general, intelligent information on any given topic PLUS some interesting articles representing unique perspectives and/or how-to information that you will find handy. Our articles directory would not be about trying to impressed anyone with infinite details. What we wanted was to give a visitor the information that answers questions, provides insight and assist the visitor in becoming a more informed, more interesting and skilled person.

What we came up with is the idea to turn the whole article directory process on it’s head. Here is how our free articles directory now works. To accomplish this we (or mostly the boss) came up with the following general rules.

We no longer accept article submissions.
Instead, we decide on a topic then locate a writer and/or expert to write an article on that topic. We then pay them for their work. We own the copyright to all material. In some cases we may add additional information to expand the information on a given topic. Sometimes we will work with professional writing and research services to produce an article on a topic we think is important to add.
All authors work under pseudonyms.
That means all of the writers and author’s do not use their real names. Our interest is in having well written and researched articles, not in promoting any particular person (or product, service or perspective). A particular author may write in a particular manner or have a particular ‘slant’ on a topic you enjoy, so exploring an author’s collection of work can be helpful. It is just that we are not interested in promoting any particular writer or author.

We never sell links.
So, don’t ask. It is not going to happen.

We do not allow links to hate sites or any other sites we consider illegal or detrimental to the planet or human race in general.
That is not to say we do not link to controversial sites or sites one might consider ‘adult’. The old man who owns 1NetCentral has eclectic tastes and interests. He also appreciates a well written article and/or website, even if the boss thinks the opinion is misguided …

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