Bamboo: An Eco-Friendly Option for Homeowners

The home improvement industry is increasingly turning toward eco-friendly building materials and construction practices. Within this field, bamboo is becoming more popular, as this beautiful hardwood is becoming one of the most environmentally friendly options used on the planet. Whether it is being formed into an outdoor fence or hardwood flooring, a product made from bamboo can meet the needs of any homeowner who is completing a remodel or home improvement project. … [Read more...]

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

In warm weather even the most sanitary kitchen can become a host to a swarm of fruit flies. Not only are fruit flies annoying, they can spread disease and pose a health risk. The problem is that once they establish residence in your kitchen they can invade your whole home. And, it can be very difficult to get rid of these insects. For many people, using poisons and/or toxins to get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen just doesn't seem to be wise. These poisons or toxins … [Read more...]

How to Go Green for Thanksgiving

Odds are, like many Americans, you have become more aware of the environment and the effect that you have on it over the last few years. In fact, you probably make a concerted effort to be more environmentally friendly, from recycling trash to buying organic food products. There are just too many benefits to going green to ignore. Not only are you helping to preserve the environment for future generations, going green can also help you to live a healthier and more … [Read more...]

The Leatherback Sea Turtles of Trinidad

In the early morning darkness, all along Trinidad's northeastern beaches, a mysterious ritual takes place every year. Here, giant leatherback turtles, some over six feet long and weighing half a ton, roll in on the ocean waves and start climbing the sloping shore. Anxious locals wait for them. Their dimmed headlights further illuminating the shimmering wetness of the turtles leathery skin. The turtles crawl slowly along the beach, pulling their huge bodies over the … [Read more...]

5 Amazing Sea Creatures

Oceans cover approximately 72 percent of the Earth's surface and the deepest point, at the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, is around seven miles. Only a tiny fraction of the Earth's oceans have been explored and, in fact, we know a great deal more about the surface of Mars than these regions of our own world. Oceanographers are constantly discovering new species of sea life, particularly far beneath the surface in the deepest, darkest depths of the oceans. Here are … [Read more...]