The Strange Story of Pringles

Pringles is undoubtedly one of the world's most recognizable snack brands. But the account of how these ubiquitous chips came into existence is a fascinating story ... and not widely unknown. The story goes that, in 1956, consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble, tired of complaints that their existing potato chips were often found to be greasy, stale, and broken, looked to a man named Fredric Baur to solve the problem. Baur, using his expertise as a chemist, … [Read more...]

The History of the Cookie (The One You Can Eat)

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a cookie as a “small flat or slightly raised cake”. Merriam Webster also defines a cookie as "a small file or part of a file stored on a World Wide Web user's computer". That type of cookie is not much fun to put in your mouth. What we are going to talk about is the history of the cookie you can eat. To begin with, 'a cookie', to many people (especially those who grew up in another country) is an unfamiliar … [Read more...]

25 Herbs And Their Health Benefits

The benefits of herbs has been reported for years. In fact, herbal treatment is something that goes back to ancient times, but it is also becoming more and more popular in modern times as the cost of medications soar and the side effects of many medications are often disturbing. Increasingly, people are more interested in healthy eating, and healthy eating usually lends its self to understanding the health benefit of herbs and an exploration of herbal treatments used … [Read more...]

Chickens in the City

A Look The Cultural Shift That Allow Chickens In Urban Communities The chickens have officially come home to roost! A number of cities around the country now allow residents to own chickens and raise them at home. Cities like New York City, Cleveland Heights, Portland, Oakland, and Chicago now allowing residents to raise chickens. Chickens are Residents Too! Each city has slightly different rules about how they must be maintained and the number that a single … [Read more...]

Different Types Of Vegetarians

Many people think of vegetarians as one homogeneous group that just doesn’t eat meat. But nothing could be further from the truth. There are different categories of vegetarians as diverse as the reasons for going vegetarian in the first place. A vegetarian is generally defined as someone who doesn’t eat meat. But someone who is vegetarian could conceivably eat dairy products such as milk, eggs and cheese. A lacto ovo vegetarian doesn’t eat meat, fish or poultry, but … [Read more...]