How to Get Outstanding Job References

Outstanding references are crucial to the recruitment process. If an employer conditionally offers you a role, he or she may withdraw the offer if your references do not come up to scratch. It is vital, therefore, to make sure that you have outstanding references before you even apply for the job. Make sure that you always have the best possible references by following these simple tips. Choose your referees carefully The chances are that you there will be many … [Read more...]

Family Ties: How Much Distance Is Enough?

People often hear about close families and the fun they have together. It’s easy to think that being close with other family members is always a good thing, but as with other types of relationships, family bonds can become too close and can even become destructive. A look at family systems can help to identify the dynamic that operates in your family system. Family Systems Each family is a group that constructs its own rules and ways of interacting. These … [Read more...]

Women and Extra-Marital Affairs

While it used to be the case that the mention of the word “affair” brought to mind an image of a middle-aged man, we may now need to change this stereotype to that of a young woman – or any woman in fact. Because if research is to be believed – particularly that undertaken by David Atkins of the University of Washington, Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors – women are just as likely as men to engage in extra-marital affairs. … [Read more...]

Tips For Surviving An Office Romance

Ah yes, romance is in the air…and so are those piles of paper you should be working on! You are in love but you are in the office! What do you do? How do you proceed? Tip 1. Always know the company policy on romance. Yes, we know reading policies is boring but you want to keep your job, don’t you? And you just have to ask that new person out, you just have to. Well, most companies frown on dating between co-workers, especially if they’re in the … [Read more...]