How to Respond to Negative Comments on Your Blog

Unfortunately, no matter how committed you are to providing excellent blog content on a regular basis, you will never be able to please absolutely everyone. On occasion, even the best blogs will receive negative comments ranging from constructive criticism to outright trolling or disruptive spam. In other situations, someone may post negative comments about your blog on another website or social network, which can be even more troublesome, since you likely won't have any … [Read more...]

Who Doesn’t Know How Birth Control Works? (Apparently, Lots of Men)

You would think as important as sex is to most men that they would spend time to become experts in birth control. Unfortunately, for many men (if not most) that is not the case. After sex education classes in school, dozens of racy articles in men’s health magazines and years of real-world experience, many men are still profoundly mixed up about how birth control works. Being mixed up comes with serious consequences – such as making a woman pregnant when you … [Read more...]

Family Ties: How Much Distance Is Enough?

People often hear about close families and the fun they have together. It’s easy to think that being close with other family members is always a good thing, but as with other types of relationships, family bonds can become too close and can even become destructive. A look at family systems can help to identify the dynamic that operates in your family system. Family Systems Each family is a group that constructs its own rules and ways of interacting. These … [Read more...]

Hot Weather Illnesses: Know the Symptoms and Protect Yourself!

Summer’s hot temperatures offer special dangers for those who work or play outdoors. Extended periods of time in the mid-day heat can cause severe dehydration, heat stroke and even death. Even if you are accustomed to being outdoors in the heat, you should be alert to symptoms of overheating and be prepared to go indoors and apply the remedies. Failure to do so could mean an extended stay in the hospital or worse. Understanding Dehydration The human body … [Read more...]

Get Your Life Into Balance With The Wheel of Life

There is a tool life coaches use to help their clients find life balance. The tool is referred to as the “Wheel of Life”. This tool has been adapted over the years, but has been said to resemble the Bhavacakra (Wheel of Becoming), a symbol found in Tibetan Buddhist art. The Buddhist wheel’s outside edge represents the continuous cycle of life, but that is where its similarity with the Western culture’s Wheel of Life ends. The Western … [Read more...]