Facts about Ebola Virus and Dogs

In Spain, the dog of a nurse infected with the Ebola virus was euthanized. The Spanish authorities feared the dog, Excalibur, might represent a source of infection for people. However, under similar circumstances in the US, the dog belonging to a Texas nurse was treated differently. Rather than being euthanized this dog was put under house quarantine for close monitoring. Given the serious nature of Ebola, these actions appear inconsistent and confusing. If dogs can … [Read more...]

Coyotes – Why Are They Becoming So Common?

Long considered an icon of the American Southwest, the coyote is now a wildlife resident of most rural towns and urban areas. Why has this particular animal been able to thrive at the same time human development threatens so many other native species? A look at the coyote's natural evolutionary advantages tells an interesting story of wildlife in modern society. Coyote Background Coyotes are part of the Canis designation of mammals, the same category as wolves, dogs … [Read more...]

Bird Life and Behavior

The study of bird behavior will never be complete, as there are as many different aspects to this subject as there are species of birds. Certain activities are common to all bird species, but there is also an amazing variety to be observed in the way they go about their lives. These differences are due to the type of food they eat, their size, the predators they have to face, and the terrain in which they live. In their natural habitats birds usually mate and … [Read more...]

How I Got Rid of Mice Naturally With Spearmint Oil

The question of how to get rid of mice is never easy. Traps, poisons, electronic devices, and even cats have drawbacks. None of these options can guarantee that the mice will really go away. One female mouse, her offspring, and their subsequent offspring can add up to 2,500 mice in a six month period. It’s no wonder so many people spend their lives in a losing battle with mice. When choosing a method of mouse control, ethical considerations vary. Some people … [Read more...]

Chickens in the City

A Look The Cultural Shift That Allow Chickens In Urban Communities The chickens have officially come home to roost! A number of cities around the country now allow residents to own chickens and raise them at home. Cities like New York City, Cleveland Heights, Portland, Oakland, and Chicago now allowing residents to raise chickens. Chickens are Residents Too! Each city has slightly different rules about how they must be maintained and the number that a single … [Read more...]