Frederic William Henry Myers: Psychology’s Forgotten Genius

When psychology students study the history of their discipline, there is often a curious omission in what they are taught. Very few mentions are ever made of a man known as Frederic W. H. Myers. Myers was a close and dear friend of William James, who most psychology students do know about and whose influential book, "Principles of Psychology," earned him the right to be called the "Father of American Psychology." James and Myers shared many interests, … [Read more...]

Surviving Christmas: Ideas for Grinches

Christmas: What is so merry about it? The Christmas holiday is falling into a pit of snakes (or having the in-laws visit and act happy about it). Christmas is having to spend too much money on people you only remotely care about and then feel stupid (when they don't give you a gift back) or guilty (when they buy you an expensive, thoughtful gift). Christmas is hearing that is all about 'peace on earth, good will toward men' while watching people run over each other to … [Read more...]

Plight of Being Psychic in an Overly Rational World

This world can feel like a lonely, alienating (and sometimes even hostile) place for those who experience perceptions, sensations and insights that don't fit in neatly with the consensus reality. Possessing psychic gifts - second sight - a means 'seeing' what most others do not. Until a person has a psychic experience it is difficult to appreciate or understand what having clairvoyance, clairaudience or having 'flashes' of the past or future does to one's perception of … [Read more...]

Absinthe: The History of the Green Fairy

If you thought Marijuana was the first green, natural intoxicant banned for it's reported effects on the human mind, you would be wrong. Over a hundred years before marijuana was banned in 1937 in the U.S., Europe had an outbreak of it's own form of 'reefer madness'. It was a green, potent, alcoholic drink called 'Absinthe'. Like marijuana, absinthe was embraced by artists of all types and the banning of absinthe was based not on facts, but on fear, mistrust and the … [Read more...]

Is Astrology Really Scientific?

It is not uncommon for popular astrology websites to have millions of visitors weekly. After all, who would not want a sneak peak at the future or to have important insights into individuals that who know (or would like to know). It would not be surprising to discover that more people know more about astrology, than, say, higher mathematics. Of course, this is a disturbing possible fact for hardcore skeptics of astrology, especially for strictly scientific thinkers. … [Read more...]