Flowers for Valentine’s Day – What Certain Flowers Mean

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love and romance. The gift you give your Valentine is a symbol of your love and affection toward them. If you are thinking of giving someone special flowers on Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be nice to know if a particular flower has its own special meaning? Many flowers have, for centuries, carried a special meaning – a symbol, if you will, for a particular feeling or to send a subtle message. Knowing this can sometimes help with selecting what flowers to give your Valentine. Below are the historical meanings for some of the more popular types of flowers.

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Roses are probably the most popular flower to give and receive on Valentine’s Day. Red roses have long been associated with love. There are also some more subtle meanings to red roses depending upon who you give roses to. The red rose can symbolize courage, beauty, or passion. Note, this pertains to RED roses. Other roses have their own unique meanings:

– White roses represent happy love, such as the love of a new bride.
– Pink roses are symbols of appreciation, admiration, and happiness.
– Yellow roses indicate joy and friendship. The yellow rose also sends a message of "welcome back".
– Pale peach colored roses suggest modesty.
– Lavender roses are associated with love at first site.


Tulips are another popular flower on Valentine’s Day. Tulips originated in Persia, however, they are usually associated with the Netherlands. At one time in history in the Netherlands tulips were so highly prized that certain varieties of tulips cost huge sums of money for just a single bulb. The traditional meaning of the tulip is perfect love. Like the rose, the color of the tulip impacts its significance:

– Red tulips symbolize true love and their are no others.
– Purple tulips usually signify royalty as purple has historically been the color reserved for royalty. Good flower choice for mom?
– Pink tulips mean happiness and caring. They are often sent as encouragement to a suitor to continue the pursuit.
– Yellow tulips are associated with cheer and sunshine. Great for someone with a sunny disposition or for someone you are very happy to know.


Carnations are another Valentine’s Day favorite. In addition to having a lovely fragrance and long life, the carnation is a beautiful flower. The carnation’s scientific name, dianthus, roughly translates to "flower of love". As with other flowers, the color of the carnation can a particular message:

– Light red carnations signify admiration, deep felt pride.
– Dark red carnations mean deep love and affection.
– White carnations convey good luck and/or a feeling of pure love. White carnations are often given between friends and family members.
– Pink carnations are the most popular and often convey the love between a mother and her child. In Christian mythology it is believed that pink carnations bloomed when Mary wept.


Sunflowers make an impact with their size and brilliant color and have dual symbolism. They are associated with good luck and good fortune. And, because the sunflower’s face follows the sun across the sky, they are also symbolic of spirituality and faith for their determination to follow the light.


Lilies are another flower often associated with spirituality, a return to innocence and purity. One could say the lily has a strong ‘feminine energy’ because lilies are also association with fertility and nurturing (which often makes them a good choice to express appreciation for motherhood and motherly love). In Greek mythology, the lily serves as a symbol of erotic love and sexuality which may be where the lily’s connection with rejuvenation and motherhood began.


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Orchids are a beautiful and long lasting flower. They are very popular as gifts due to their exotic look and classic symbolism. Historically, the orchid has represented abundance, love, and beauty. The ancient Greeks believed orchids were a symbol of virility – a more ‘masculine energy’. Because orchids grow nearly world wide there are numerous cultural associations with this flower. The Aztecs used the orchid to give them power and strength, and the Chinese believe orchids have a curative effect on respiratory ailments. Today, orchids are a highly prized flower regarded as a symbol of beauty, refinement, and charm. They are one of the most popular house plants in the world.

Whatever flowers you choose this Valentine’s day, if the person is right for you and important to you, there is no doubt they will be appreciated.

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