Introduction to Holding a Seance

An interest in the spiritual and supernatural leads many people to experimenting with ghost hunting or holding a séance. Each person’s goals vary, but interest ranges from a general curiosity about ghosts and spirits to the desire to make contact with a deceased relative or loved one. Even if you are skeptical about the supernatural, you must be prepared for the unexpected and follow some guidelines before attempting to contact spirits. One of the safest ways to enter … [Read more...]

Is Your Dog Psychic? Can Animals Sense The Paranormal?

The question of whether animals can exhibit psychic behavior when they are alive, or become ghosts when they are dead, is a controversial and interesting one. Animal lovers passionately will explain that the answer to both questions is an emphatic “yes”! On the other hand, many believe that animals do not have a soul which means they cannot return as ghosts. They argue that those who believe their pets can sense the presence of a paranormal in the vicinity … [Read more...]

The Haunting of Borley Rectory

Borley Rectory was known as Britain’s most haunted house. Although the building has long since been destroyed, eager ghost hunters still flock to the site of the haunted house and still report strange goings on amidst the foundations. Borley Rectory was a large Victorian Mansion, located in the small Village of Borley, Essex. Before it was destroyed by fire in 1939, it played host to the famous paranormal researcher, Harry Price, who wrote two books about the … [Read more...]

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp: Where the Dead Live

"What we are dealing with is a vast half-lit area, where nothing seems believable but everything is possible." Carl Jung Around the turn of the 20th century, Florida was an undeveloped wilderness of tropical foliage, moss-laden live oaks, and stately palms. This had already begun to change in the late 1800s when Henry Flagler moved to St … [Read more...]