How to Handle Conflicts in Romantic Relationships

If you think you can have a love relationship with conflict, think again. The real key to lasting relationships is the ability to deal with disagreements and conflicts. That's because no matter who you are, nor how much you are in love, in time there will be disagreements. The key is to not allow trivial disagreements and minor conflicts to escalate into something that results in hurt feelings or serious anger. How do you do prevent disagreements getting out of … [Read more...]

How to Supercharge Your Relationship: Appreciation

If your relationship with your husband, wife, lover is starting to feel a little bit rocky despite the fact that you are both very much in love and committed to making it work, then it could be because you've stopped showing as much appreciation for one another. People seek appreciation from all of their relationships. Feeling unappreciated, taken for granted, especially when it comes to someone we love, can actually hurt. Saying, "I love you" can start to mean … [Read more...]

Dealing With Those Who Are Addicted To Drama

Have you ever met someone who loves to create drama in their lives? Maybe you are one yourself? Some people don't feel fully alive unless there is something to be embroiled in, something to get indignant about, to feel hurt over. It’s different to being passionate about something. Sometimes a passionate person committed to a cause can convey drama, when really they are just being true to the issues that are really important to them. The real drama creator sees the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Woman Hot For You

You hear it all the time – women don’t like to be taken for granted. They want to be appreciated. And they mean it: relationships are frequently scuttled by females who refuse to be benignly ignored. It’s not just saying “thank you” or noticing (and commenting on) a new hairstyle – although that certainly helps. Nor is it stocking up on Victoria’s Secret lingerie for Valentine’s Day gift-giving (again). Here are 10 … [Read more...]