Tattoos and the Law: Licenses, Age Limits, Safety

So your teenager wants to get a tattoo. As a parent you probably have a strong opinion about whether your teen or young adult child should be indulging in permanent body art. Before you have the big talk however, it’s best to arm yourself with the facts. Talking to your child about tattoos, piercings and other forms of body modification will be much more productive if you know the fundamentals of tattoo law. It will also help if you’re familiar with some of … [Read more...]

Lose Your Case in Small Claims Court? Learn How to Appeal

The rules for filing cases in small claims court are the same in every U.S. state. The rules are not conveniently consistent when you need to appeal a judgment, though. The appeals process varies from one state to the next – some do not even have an appeals process. There are states where you can appeal the decision by a judge but not one by an arbitrator. In some states, only the defendant (the accused party) has the right to appeal – the plaintiff (the … [Read more...]

Tips for Insuring Your Classic Car

Car insurers offer everything from phone apps to pet death benefits to rollover miles as perks to earn your classic car insurance business, with many of their offers pure genius. However, try not to let these enticements blindside you into signing along the dotted line before doing your homework. Learn how to insure your one-of-a-kind, classic car worry-free with these six tips. Tip 1: When cruising for classic car insurance, plan your first stop at an insurance … [Read more...]

Can You Leave Those Frequent Flier Miles to Someone in a Will?

It usually occurs to people right around the holidays that they need to get their estate planning in order. People often get around to talking about their bank accounts, their investments and their property at this time. There's one little detail that gets passed over, quite often – the thousands of frequent flyer miles that they may have accumulated. Whatever happens to them when the holder happens to pass away? Is there something you can do to leave them to … [Read more...]