A Psychic Reading for New Years

The tradition of 'new years resolutions' (the listing of the all things you'll change and do in the new year ahead) is as old as New Year's parties. Everyone likes to look forward with hope and to think about what they will do better. All of us want to create experiences that will be better in the year ahead. Other people feel the whole 'new years resolution' thing is dumb. However, it is hard to ignore that according to research, those who at least set up a plan and … [Read more...]

Finding Psychic Divination Specialists To Call

For those who appreciate psychic and others who work with divination (such at tarot readers, astrologers and so forth), then this article is for you. What I've done is put together my favorite list of psychic phone numbers, tarot numbers and so forth. Some you may have heard of, others maybe not so much. For those, like myself, who want a little 'supernatural' help with life's issues, we usually have our favorite psychics and numbers. It is likely a badly kept secret … [Read more...]

Plight of Being Psychic in an Overly Rational World

This world can feel like a lonely, alienating (and sometimes even hostile) place for those who experience perceptions, sensations and insights that don't fit in neatly with the consensus reality. Possessing psychic gifts - second sight - a means 'seeing' what most others do not. Until a person has a psychic experience it is difficult to appreciate or understand what having clairvoyance, clairaudience or having 'flashes' of the past or future does to one's perception of … [Read more...]

Psychic Edgar Cayce on the Origins of Man

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was an American psychic who answered questions and offered diagnoses for a multitude of maladies while in a trance state. This state of expanded consciousness brought him in touch with a psychic storehouse of information and wisdom that he referred to as the Universal Mind. Cayce believed that his gift was everyone’s birthright; all one needed was proper training and attunement. While there has been a lot of controversy surrounding his … [Read more...]