Watering Your Tomato Plants: Getting it Just Right

When it comes to water, tomato plants are the Goldilocks of the vegetable garden. Water too much and the roots rot. Water too little, and the plant dehydrates. Worse yet, a tomato plant dying of thirst and one drowning from overwatering look almost exactly the same: wilted leaves, sagging branches, drooping plants. How is the home vegetable gardener to know how to get it just right? How much water? "An inch a week from you or the sky" is the motto of many … [Read more...]

Flowers for Valentine’s Day – What Certain Flowers Mean

Valentine's Day is the holiday of love and romance. The gift you give your Valentine is a symbol of your love and affection toward them. If you are thinking of giving someone special flowers on Valentine's Day, wouldn't it be nice to know if a particular flower has its own special meaning? Many flowers have, for centuries, carried a special meaning - a symbol, if you will, for a particular feeling or to send a subtle message. Knowing this can sometimes help with … [Read more...]

Monsters Under the Bed: Helping Kids Overcome and Cope With Fear

Children have fears that can cause anxiety and nervousness that disrupts their lives. Parents should not take these fears lightly simply because they know there are no monsters under the bed or ghosts in the closet. A child's imagination is powerful and small fears in the day time can become terrifyingly big in the dark of night. Fears that seem silly to adults are real to children. Luckily, there are 5 simple steps to help children overcome and cope with their … [Read more...]

6 Secrets for Baking a Perfect Pie from Scratch

Preparing a flaky pastry crust for fruit pies, potpies and cobblers can be tricky, even for the most experienced baker. Some people prefer to buy the prepared pie crusts found in the refrigerator section at the grocery store simply because it’s easier. However, it’s difficult to match the texture and flavor of a perfect homemade pie crust. By following a few tips for flaky pastry, even a novice baker can impress guests and delight family members. After … [Read more...]