Does Telepathy in Twins Prove Telepathy?

If you've ever had the sudden feeling of knowing that something has happened to a loved one, usually something dangerous or even life-threatening, then you are not alone. Many people, even in our modern, scientific, and increasingly secular culture, report having felt some sort of telepathic connection to another person. They may know when that person is in trouble, when that person is about to call, or what that person is about to say or think. It should come as no … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Styles From Around the World

Human touch, when applied with caring hands, can be a wonderfully healing thing. Massage can be of benefit to anyone, anywhere. It's no wonder that a countless number of massage therapies are practiced all around the world. Here are some of the most popular massage modalities in use today: Swedish Massage The kneading, tapping and long, slow strokes used in Swedish massage offer relaxation, pain abatement, improved blood circulation and relief from constipation. … [Read more...]

Who was Jeane Dixon?

Who was Jeane Dixon? Why is she so well thought of in the astrological circles, yet, made fun of by skeptics and critics? Jeane Dixon was an immensely popular American psychic who remained in the public eye throughout several decades of the 20th century. Her syndicated astrology column, best-selling biography, and influence on other writers and psychics turned her into a household name. Let's take a look at the life of Jeane Dixon before she became a professional … [Read more...]

Watering Your Tomato Plants: Getting it Just Right

When it comes to water, tomato plants are the Goldilocks of the vegetable garden. Water too much and the roots rot. Water too little, and the plant dehydrates. Worse yet, a tomato plant dying of thirst and one drowning from overwatering look almost exactly the same: wilted leaves, sagging branches, drooping plants. How is the home vegetable gardener to know how to get it just right? How much water? "An inch a week from you or the sky" is the motto of many … [Read more...]

Understanding the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an ancient idea that has seen a surge in popularity over the last few centuries. Though originally a Hindu concept born in and around the subcontinent of India and adopted by other Eastern religions, the Akashic Records are now commonly spoken of in New Age circles around the world. It can be a little difficult to grasp what exactly someone means when they speak about the Akashic Records and, in truth, different speakers sometimes have … [Read more...]