Massage Therapy Styles From Around the World

Human touch, when applied with caring hands, can be a wonderfully healing thing. Massage can be of benefit to anyone, anywhere. It's no wonder that a countless number of massage therapies are practiced all around the world. Here are some of the most popular massage modalities in use today: Swedish Massage The kneading, tapping and long, slow strokes used in Swedish massage offer relaxation, pain abatement, improved blood circulation and relief from constipation. … [Read more...]

Tarot Magick: Carl Jung, Synchronicity and Divination

Sting and The Police were so fascinated by it that they named their final studio album after it, and Carl Jung, the prominent Swiss psychologist, dedicated his career to it. What do the musicians and the psychologist have in common? Synchronicity, or as Jung called it, "the acausal connecting principle." Interestingly, when you read the works of Jung, synchronicity begins to sound more like a law of nature than a psychological principle. And in fact, to … [Read more...]

How to Read Tea Leaves for Beginners

The art of Tea Leaf Reading or Tasseomancy has been around for centuries. Like any of the other forms of Divination, there are many ways to approach this special mystical task. Tea Leaf Reading can provide powerful insight into one’s life simply by interpreting a few stems and sticks. This article is geared for the beginner Tea Leaf Reader to feel comfortable in a simple style of reading. Of course, it all starts with a cup of tea. The cup itself should have a … [Read more...]

Mothman: Monster Or Imagination?

A shadowy winged creature reportedly terrorized West Virginia in the mid-1960s, flying alongside cars at high speeds, following people home, and leaving in its wake a string of strange occurrences. Quickly dubbed “Mothman”, the creature left local residents living in fear. What was it? Why was it there? What did it want? There were a few scattered reports of strange sightings in West Virginia during the 1960s – a woman who drove by a large winged … [Read more...]