Massage Therapy Styles From Around the World

Human touch, when applied with caring hands, can be a wonderfully healing thing. Massage can be of benefit to anyone, anywhere. It’s no wonder that a countless number of massage therapies are practiced all around the world. Here are some of the most popular massage modalities in use today:

Swedish Massage

The kneading, tapping and long, slow strokes used in Swedish massage offer relaxation, pain abatement, improved blood circulation and relief from constipation. Swedish massage may involve rhythmic percussion done with the sides of the hands. Developed around the turn of the 20th century by Henry Ling in Sweden, this form of therapeutic massage is said to help the body eliminate uric acid, lactic acid and other metabolic waste. Swedish massage is the style familiar to most Americans.

Thai Massage

Nuat phaen boran, or ancient Thai massage, originated in India and was developed over the course of many centuries. The influence of hatha yoga on Thai massage is evidenced by the rhythmic pressure, stretching and poses incorporated by the therapist. A typical Thai massage session may last two or more hours. Thai massage is said to relieve both physical and emotional tension, improve flexibility and release energy blockages.

massage chakras Japanese Shiatsu Massage

Developed in Japan over thousands of years, shiatsu massage is a form of bodywork that involves the same energy paths, or meridians, as acupuncture. In lieu of needles, practitioners of shiatsu apply firm, steady pressure to specific points on the body with fingertips, palms and elbows. Shiatsu massage is said to increase vitality while lowering blood pressure.

Balinese Massage

Similar to shiatsu, Balinese massage focuses pressure along the subtle energy meridians of the human body. Practitioners may alternate deep tissue massage techniques with skin manipulation to release fascial tightness and to increase circulation. Aromatic oils, fragrant incense and soft music are often incorporated into a Balinese massage session.

Tibetan Kum Nye Massage

The gentle movements, rhythmic breathing and self-massage of Tibetan kum nye offer the practitioner harmonious integration of the mind and body. Similar to Indian yoga, Tibetan Kum Nye was developed by Tarthang Tulku at the Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, California. The altruistic institute hosts workshops and retreats throughout the year.

Philippine Hilot Massage

Relatively unknown outside the Philippines until recently, therapeutic hilot massage combines banana leaves and intuition, along with coconut oil and deep tissue massage. Hilot practitioners may stroke the body with fresh banana leaves which help them “sense” physical energy blockages, which are then massaged away with deep, rhythmic thumb and palm strokes. Some skilled hilot massage therapists utilize techniques similar to chiropractic manipulation to resolve subluxation of the joints.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

The long, full-body strokes of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage provide exceptional relaxation in a sensual, but not sexual, manner. Once reserved only for island royalty, Lomi Lomi techniques may vary between practitioners, but are always based on the Hawaiian principles of kindness, integrity and aloha.

Massage is one of the oldest healing modalities on Earth. People who experience massage therapy report improved heath, better sleep, reduced physical and emotional tension and an increased sense of overall well-being. To know more about therapeutic massage, or to schedule a treatment session, contact a skilled masseuse or masseur in your area.

Reiki – The Energy Massage?

The word Reiki is combination of two Japanese words: ‘Rei’ meaning ‘higher power’ or ‘divine wisdom’ and ‘Ki’ meaning ‘universal energy’ or ‘life energy’. Reiki, in essence, spiritually or divinely guided life force. It is a Japanese technique thought to promotes healing. It is also reported to be a great stress reliever. A trained Reiki practitioner uses their hands to guide ‘life force’ into and around a client. It is more of an ‘energy massage’ than a physical massage. Reiki is also said to stimulate the ‘chakras’ of energy centers of the body. Though controversial, most of those who try Reiki find it a valuable experienced.

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