Does Telepathy in Twins Prove Telepathy?

If you’ve ever had the sudden feeling of knowing that something has happened to a loved one, usually something dangerous or even life-threatening, then you are not alone. Many people, even in our modern, scientific, and increasingly secular culture, report having felt some sort of telepathic connection to another person. They may know when that person is in trouble, when that person is about to call, or what that person is about to say or think. It should come as no surprise, then, that cases of telepathy between twins are among the most startling and convincing instances of telepathy or ESP.

Research into twins and telepathy, as it has never been accepted by the mainstream scientific community and therefore has never received much interest or funding. In fact, scientists and researchers who even dare investigate telepathy more often than not get dismissed as ‘not serious scientists’ or find themselves unemployable in the scientific field. There is always this ‘black mark’ next to their names UNLESS they do research that dismisses telepathy and ESP (and, typically, even this type of research isn’t even done). An example would be J. B. Rhine of Duke University. Rhine worked for years researching and studying telepathy and ESP. Some of his work is impressive. For his efforts, a large portion of the scientific community marginalized his work and he and his work were (and still are) under constant attack by skeptics and scientists. Despite the lack of mainstream scientific support, research continues to limp along as it quietly has for centuries.

In their seminal 1886 work, the two volume Phantasms of the Living, researchers Edmund Gurney, Frederic W. H. Myers, and Frank Podmore noted that instances of telepathy among twins were disproportionate to similar instances among the general population. They were also able to provide of few interesting case studies for their reader’s consideration.

One such account came from Mr. A. J. Mclean, who reported that one night while his twin brother was in the middle of a six-week yachting trip off Norway, he felt certain that something had gone terribly wrong. Once the brother returned he confirmed that there had been a terrible storm that very night, and that he and his yacht mates were certain they would not survive.

A similar case came to the authors in 1884 from Mr. James M. Wilson, a mathematician and headmaster of Clifton College. One night, while he was a young man at Cambridge, Wilson began to feel extremely ill and was certain that he was dying, despite being in perfect health. Around 11PM he began to feel better and headed to bed, but, unfortunately, received a letter the next morning informing him that his twin brother had died the night before.

A publication from the Institute of Noetic Sciences entitled Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation noted some very similar cases to those that had been documented in Phantasms of the Living. For example, there was the case of Nita Hurst who, in 1975, experienced agonizing pain in her leg and bruising on the left side of her body, only to discover later that her twin sister had been involved in a car crash at the exact same time that she experienced the symptoms.

The publication also presented some fascinating cases of twins who had been separated their entire lives, only to discover uncanny and improbable similarities upon finally meeting. For example, when twin sisters Bridget Harrison and Dorothy Lowe were reunited in 1979, they were both wearing almost identical jewelry, consisting of seven rings, three bracelets, and a watch. The sisters then discovered that one had a son named Andrew Richard while another had a son named Richard Andrew, that they had both kept the exact same diary in the year 1960, and that the diaries even had the exact same blank days.

If you would like to read more such cases, then many other compelling stories and further information on twin telepathy can be found over at About’s Paranormal section and New Dawn Magazine. Because the public continues to be skeptical themselves of scientists who insist there is no such thing as ‘telepathy’, people continue to look for answers. Telepathy and ESP have largely been forced into the area of metaphysics and spirituality where those having telepathic experiences can find acceptance and some degree of answers. One has to ask if the wholesale rejection of telepathy is because many clairvoyants, psychics and so forth have embraced it as a reality for centuries.

Despite all of these case studies, the majority of scientists and researchers are incredibly reluctant to admit that there could be any reality to the phenomena of telepathy at all. This is because of deep-seated beliefs about the nature of reality, that the universe is ONLY material and only follows material laws. If telepathy existed, many scientists argue, then it would break the basic laws of causality and locality (in other words, that an object can only act on another object by directly and physically making contact with it). Telepathy does not seem to obey mainstream scientific laws. By scientific laws, telepathy just is not possible. If telepathy is real, the whole, traditional, scientific apple cart gets turned over. Scientific ‘laws’ get repealed.

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Interestingly enough, in his book Science and Psychic Phenomena, Chris Carter notes that quantum physicists are generally more accepting of telepathy. That’s not to say that quantum physicists are all on board with it. In truth, most remain unconvinced. Nevertheless, dealing with ideas such as non-locality and entanglement on a daily basis, quantum physicists as a whole tend to be more open-minded to telepathy than do scientists in fields such as biology and psychology, which still hold a mechanistic, Newtonian view of the universe.

Telepathy may not have the traditional, scientific community’s seal of approval, but people who personally experience it have a hard time explaining the experience away as mere chance. Especially when it happens with someone they are extremely close with such as a twin sibling. Even though our current theories and models can’t adequately explain it, most people who look at the evidence for telepathy with an open mind often admit that something does indeed seem to be going on, something that often can’t simply be explained away.

If you are interested in the topic of telepathy, a good book is Twin Telepathy which covers some little know research about telepathy and twins.

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