Mothman: Monster Or Imagination?

A shadowy winged creature reportedly terrorized West Virginia in the mid-1960s, flying alongside cars at high speeds, following people home, and leaving in its wake a string of strange occurrences. Quickly dubbed “Mothman”, the creature left local residents living in fear. What was it? Why was it there? What did it want? There were a few scattered reports of strange sightings in West Virginia during the 1960s – a woman who drove by a large winged … [Read more...]

The Mysterious Taos Hum

Although it is popularly known as the Taos hum, this mysterious low pitched sound extends well beyond New Mexico. For years, residents of Great Britain and parts of the Southeastern United States have complained about a mysterious hum that simply does not go away. The fact that not everyone can hear this strange hum just adds to the mystery and fuels the speculation regarding its source. Some people claim that the Taos hum is manmade, perhaps the result of a secret … [Read more...]

The Legend of the Crystal Skulls

There is a legend about thirteen skulls that were scattered around the world. These skulls were believed to be encoded with the knowledge of the universe and according to legend, the world would be saved from a global catastrophe when the thirteen skulls were found and reunited. It is believed that the skulls will reveal their knowledge in a time of great crisis. However, there has been much speculation whether the skulls are authentic or fake. In the 1920s, a British … [Read more...]