The Mysterious Taos Hum

Although it is popularly known as the Taos hum, this mysterious low pitched sound extends well beyond New Mexico. For years, residents of Great Britain and parts of the Southeastern United States have complained about a mysterious hum that simply does not go away. The fact that not everyone can hear this strange hum just adds to the mystery and fuels the speculation regarding its source.

Some people claim that the Taos hum is manmade, perhaps the result of a secret experiment by the United States and British governments. The fact that the Southwestern United States is home to so many military bases and secret sites fuels this speculation, and may even lend some credibility to those claims of artificial origins.

One popular theory is that the Taos hum is the result of a secret military communication system used by the government to communicate with submarines. No one knows for sure, but those who live in the Taos, New Mexico area certainly have a vested interest in finding out.

Others feel that the Taos hum is a natural occurrence, perhaps emanating from deep underground. Some have even suggested that the Taos hum is the sound of the universe, a vibrational energy that may go back nearly to the origins of the universe.

One of the hallmarks of the Taos hum is its constant nature. Those who experience the hum report that it starts abruptly, and that it never seems to end. Those who are sensitive to the humming often find that the constant noise interferes with their sleep patterns and their daily lives. Many report that the hum sounds similar to the noise of an idling diesel engine similar to what one would hear at a truck stop.

One of the most daunting aspects of the Taos hum is that it has thus far evaded detection by microphones and VLF antennae. This makes the humming noise even more worrisome for those who are sensitive to its effects. If the hum is not detectable by conventional means, it will be that much more difficult to find its source and give those sufferers the relief they so desperately need.

There have been several investigations into the source of the Taos hum over the years, with the most recent taking place in the late 1990s. This investigation consisted of a team from a number of scientific institutions, including the University of New Mexico, the Sandia National Laboratory, Phillips Air Force Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

During the course of this investigation, those who claimed to hear the hum were interviewed, and the data they provided was used to try to pinpoint the source of the noise. The team then conducted surveys with residents of Taos and the surrounding area to determine just how widespread the effects were. The final phase of the investigation focused on attempts to isolate the source of the hum and determine exactly where it was coming from.

Despite the investigation and extensive interviews, the scientific institutions conducting the study have thus far been unable to pinpoint the exact source of the noise. The Taos hum remains a mystery to this day, one that many residents of the Southeastern United States have simply learned to live with.

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