Frequently Asked Questions About Antimatter

If you've ever had anything more than a passing interest in the world of science fiction, you have probably heard about the exotic 'antimatter'. You have perhaps even found yourself asking if antimatter is even real or whether it is just something invented by writers. The answer is 'yes', the existence of antimatter has been known for decades. And recently it has even been created in miniscule amounts by the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Antimatter is the … [Read more...]

Why You Should Be Taking Cold Showers

Let's face it - almost everybody hates cold showers. Family members and roommates get angry at each other for using up all of the hot water because cold showers are miserable, uncomfortable, and make it impossible to stay under the water long enough to feel like we've gotten everything properly cleaned. But there are actually some very good health reasons for why taking cold showers might be a great idea. Take a look at these 5 reasons below, and give it a try if you … [Read more...]

Want to Lose Weight? Stop Watching Television!

According to the website, the most frequent New Year's resolution people make is to lose weight and get in good physical condition. That is, of course, a great goal. Here is one of the best and possibly the easiest tip to accomplish that. Figure out a way to reduce or eliminate television watching as well. The average American spends 20 hours a week watching television. Surprisingly, that number of hours is matched in many other developed and developing … [Read more...]

The Mysterious Taos Hum

Although it is popularly known as the Taos hum, this mysterious low pitched sound extends well beyond New Mexico. For years, residents of Great Britain and parts of the Southeastern United States have complained about a mysterious hum that simply does not go away. The fact that not everyone can hear this strange hum just adds to the mystery and fuels the speculation regarding its source. Some people claim that the Taos hum is manmade, perhaps the result of a secret … [Read more...]

History Of Air Jordans

After almost a decade since he played his last game in the NBA, Michael Jordan is still one of the most recognized people on the planet. Apart from what he did on the court, Michael Jordan was one of the first athletes to make marketing and merchandising a major part of his career. Jordan still appears regularly on television advertisements and his name still graces a large number of products. The first Air Jordan sneakers were released by Nike in 1985. Nike … [Read more...]