Music Download Services: Picking the Right Site

Several years ago, pay-download music services were limited to just a few sites. Now, a Web search results in hundreds of fee-based sites and programs. Many of these sites are very similar, both in the songs/albums that they offer and in the fees that they charge. This makes it difficult to choose one that will work well for you. These tips and suggestions will help you decide what you want and need in a service so that you can make a better decision. Is this a … [Read more...]

Ways to Increase Visitor Retention, Lower Your Website Bounce Rate

Google is constantly tweaking its algorithms to display quality web pages for its search results. One of the important metrics that Google uses to determine quality is bounce rate - the percentage of visitors that arrive to a page on your site and leave without visiting more pages. If your site has a super high bounce rate, it means too many of your web pages are not holding the attention of your visitors when they arrive. In Google’s eyes, this means that your … [Read more...]

Buying A Domain Name To Use As An Email Address

Internet domains are much cheaper to buy than most people think, so they don’t have to be used for web pages – they can also be used for email only. Using a domain in this way provides the opportunity to have a much more personalised and easy to remember email addresses, and can also help to control junk email. The attraction of buying a domain for email use is that you can get a memorable and distict email address, like, rather than an anonymous … [Read more...]

The Legend of the Crystal Skulls

There is a legend about thirteen skulls that were scattered around the world. These skulls were believed to be encoded with the knowledge of the universe and according to legend, the world would be saved from a global catastrophe when the thirteen skulls were found and reunited. It is believed that the skulls will reveal their knowledge in a time of great crisis. However, there has been much speculation whether the skulls are authentic or fake. In the 1920s, a British … [Read more...]