The Legend of the Crystal Skulls

There is a legend about thirteen skulls that were scattered around the world. These skulls were believed to be encoded with the knowledge of the universe and according to legend, the world would be saved from a global catastrophe when the thirteen skulls were found and reunited. It is believed that the skulls will reveal their knowledge in a time of great crisis. However, there has been much speculation whether the skulls are authentic or fake.

In the 1920s, a British explorer named Frederick Mitchell-Hedges discovered the lost city of Lubaantun in Belize. He believed the city was part of the lost continent of Atlantis. His adopted daughter Anna found a crystal skull in 1924 in the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. The skull consisted of two parts with the bottom jaw hinged to the rest of the skull. It was made of pure quartz crystal. It is believed that eight of the thirteen skulls have been found since the initial discovery made by Anna Mitchell-Hedges.

There is much speculation about the origins and qualities of the crystal skulls. Anna Mitchell-Hedges believed that the skull in her possession had healing powers and could communicate. She believed the skull protected her and kept it with her throughout her lifetime. The crystal skulls were said to be able to speak or sing according to Native American legend. Some people that have had contact with the skulls reported strange happenings such as visions and hearing voices. The crystal skulls are viewed by some as a source of knowledge and salvation, but others see them as evil and a symbol of death.

But are the skulls authentic and if so, where did they come from? According to Mayan legend, a god descended from the sky and handed a crystal skull to a mortal man. The skull was said to hold the knowledge of the gods. From the knowledge contained within the crystal skull, the Mayans learned to create the other twelve skulls. But did the ancient Mayans really create the skulls?

No evidence of tool marks of any kind could be found on the skull found by Anna Mitchell-Hedges. The crystal skulls could not be carbon dated because crystal does not contain carbon. The skulls have been subjected to several tests and scientific studies throughout the years. However, none of the skulls could be proven to be actual ancient artifacts. So, are the skulls a fake? Most scholars believe they are, but others believe the skulls are an important part of our history.

There are several theories about the crafters of the crystal skulls. One belief is that an advanced civilization once lived and thrived on the moon or Mars, and that those inhabitants are the artisans of the crystal skulls. Another more popular theory is that the skulls are artifacts from the lost continent of Atlantis that was believed to be powered by giant crystal pyramids. According to Native American legend, humanity is scattered throughout the universe on other planets and the thirteenth skull will reunite humanity.

There are still many unanswered questions regarding the crystal skulls, such as the locations of the remaining five skulls and whether there is a connection to ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, Aztecs or the inhabitants of Atlantis. We have to wonder if the thirteen skulls could contain the knowledge of the cosmos and what that would entail. Whether the crystal skulls are modern fakes of terrestrial origin or ancient artifacts of extraterrestrial origin, they remain a mystery for now.

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