Those Mysterious Three Wise Men From The East

The legend of the Three Wise Men is a popular topic around Christmas time. If you are wondering just who the Three Wise Men are, you are not alone. The men and the stories that surround them are quite mysterious and fascinating, and a fair amount of time and research has been dedicated to finding out as much as possible about these men. Throughout history, the Magi have been referred to as kings and wise men. Magi is a term that has been used since as early as 6th … [Read more...]

Civil War Reenactors Tend To Experience Paranormal Activity More Than Others

Many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators know that the group who tend to have the most paranormal experiences are people who reenact battles, especially when those reenactments take place at the actual historical battlefields. In the U.S., the group who tend to have a disproportional number of paranormal encounters compared to the general population are the Civil war reenactors. There are no reliable surveys and scientific research seems to be non-existent, … [Read more...]

What Is Alchemy?

Alchemy is often associated in the popular imagination with the medieval quest for turning metals into gold. However, the practice of alchemy has flourished all over the world for thousands of years. Furthermore, alchemy was not, as a whole, concerned with the material world. It is true that many alchemists throughout the ages made discoveries that led to the creation of the science of chemistry. For this reason, historians have seen alchemy as a kind of protochemistry. … [Read more...]

People Born in the Chinese Zodiac Sign of the Rat

The Chinese Zodiac consists of twelve animal signs, which the Earth moves through in a twelve-year cycle. This zodiac also moves through a twenty-four year elemental cycle. The ruling element changes every two years. Each year is ruled by one animal sign, and by one biannual element, either Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, or Fire. Each animal sign is also ruled by its primary element, and assigned to a 'trine', or group of three. The Rat is the first sign in the Chinese … [Read more...]