Ancient Mystery: The Megaliths World Wide

When most people think of megaliths, the first image that likely pops into their mind is of Stonehenge, and perhaps, if they are slightly more interested in the subject, the Moai of Easter Island. While these represent two of the most popular and well-known megalithic structures in the world, they are far from the only ones. In fact, hundreds of large stone structures dating back thousands of years dot the landscape of the entire world. Megaliths are generally divided … [Read more...]

Druids: Then and Now

Many people have heard about Druidism in passing, but most have very little idea of what Druids actually believe and how modern Druids relate to their ancient counterparts. Fewer still know how Druidism might relate to some of the other world religions, in particular to the Vedic religions of India. If you've ever been curious about the topic yourself, then this article will provide you with an introduction to the Druidism of the ancient past all the way right up to the … [Read more...]

Reading the Tarot Intuitively

You have seen the beautiful tarot decks at a store or fair. You may have gotten a reading from a professional. The Tarot interest you. You buy the deck that calls to you with its artwork. Now what do you do? How do you actually use your beautiful, new tarot deck? You can, of course, read the little pamphlet and memorize all the meanings of all the cards, upright and reversed (when a tarot card is drawn upside down is called 'reversed'). You might discover, however, … [Read more...]

Paranormal Activity on Old Battlefields

Whether you are interested in becoming a paranormal investigator or just curious about ghosts, the battlefield is a great place to start your paranormal investigation. The Civil War generated over 10,000 skirmishes, which led to the development of over 380 principal battlefields in the United States. Harboring much death and destruction, many people believe these battlefields to be haunted by the souls of dead soldiers. The battlegrounds with the most casualties are … [Read more...]