Those Mysterious Three Wise Men From The East

The legend of the Three Wise Men is a popular topic around Christmas time. If you are wondering just who the Three Wise Men are, you are not alone. The men and the stories that surround them are quite mysterious and fascinating, and a fair amount of time and research has been dedicated to finding out as much as possible about these men.

Throughout history, the Magi have been referred to as kings and wise men. Magi is a term that has been used since as early as 6th century BC to distinguish followers of Zoroaster or Zurvanism. The men paid particular attention to the stars as was typical for their religion. However, this also earned them a reputation for astrology, which was widely considered a science during their time. It was this combination of astrology and religious practices that eventually led to the creation of the term ‘magic.’

story 3 wise men These men have never been officially named, but it is believed that their names were Gaspar, Balthasar, and Melchior. Gaspar, who is sometimes referred to as Caspar or Jaspar, was known to be an Indian scholar. It is believed that Balthasar was an Arabian scholar, and Melchior was a Persian scholar. Together, the men brought gifts such as myrrh, frankincense, and even gold in honor of the infant Jesus. These men were sometimes referred to as the Magi or the Three Kings and have become a regular part of the Christmas holiday.

One piece of early Christian writing, known as Revelation of the Magi, is a complete yet relatively bizarre narrative based on the Wise Men’s personal accounts of the birth of Jesus. This writing reveals that the Magi were actually mythical sages who hailed from the eastern part of the world. It is believed that the men guarded a prophecy that a coming star would announce the birth of a God in human form. According to the ancient writing, when the star did appear on the night of Christ’s birth, it was in the form of a star child, and it was neither fully star nor human. The star child announced that not only was he there to fulfill the Wise Men’s prophecy, but that he would also fulfill prophecies and myths around the world. It is believed that this star announced the coming of Israel’s King and that, based on their encounter with the star, the Magi would find baby Jesus in Bethlehem when they arrived.

Accounts differ on what happened to the Magi after they delivered their gifts to Jesus, but one account is more widely used than the rest.

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According to this account, which has been mentioned in ancient Christian writings, the Magi were warned of a plan by King Herod to kill baby Jesus. Once they learned of this plan, the men took a different route home than they had planned.

Although it has never been confirmed, there is a widespread belief that the remains of the men are house in the Shrine of the Three Kings at the Cologne Cathedral. The shrine is large and gilded, with decorations such as a triple sarcophagus. The remains are said to be behind and above the high alter at the cathedral. Their story may never truly be known, but the Three Kings will continue to live on as a vibrant part of the Christian traditional throughout the world.

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