Some Basic Palm Reading Tips

Many are quick to dismiss palmistry as a shallow, meaningless activity—but there’s more to the well-known spiritual art than it seems! Palmistry’s most used form is chiromancy, which is explained in depth below.

Palm readers who are chiromancers prefer to read the lines on the hand and explore fortune-telling. In order to be a successful chiromancer, the first step is to develop a basic understanding of the hand’s principal lines. The life line is the thick line closest to the thumb and is to the right of the small, protruding bump that connects to the wrist. This line is the line of destiny and allows chiromancers to explore what major events will come about in one’s life.

The next line is the head line, the visible line that runs clear across your palm. It is the middlemost line of all the principal lines and usually the most clearly defined. This line is used by chiromancers to determine the intellectual worth of the person whose palm they are reading. The head line relates closely to wisdom and intelligence. After that is the heart line, which is used to gather information about the love life of the person whose palm is being read. When chiromancers read a palm, this line is at the top of the principal lines and starts on the left side of the hand.
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Following the heart line are the less clear principal lines, though they are still classified as principal. Next is the fate line, which starts at the top, squarely in the middle, and in most people, runs all the way down. This line’s revelations are interwoven with those of the life line, helping chiromancers better determine the future of the person whose palm they are reading. After the fate line comes the sun line. It is the short line at the top of one’s palm, starting right underneath the ring finger. This line is all about success, wealth, and creativity.

The final principal line is the intuition line, which is a small, rounded line. On the palm of a left hand, it is shown on the left. It determines a person’s natural psychic ability.

Chiromancers also use secondary lines to read a palm. There are seven secondary lines, the first of which is called the Girdle of Venus. This is a line that curves right underneath the middle and ring finger and helps chiromancers determine information about a person’s passion. The next is the cross line, which is well-known as the leadership line, and that branches out underneath both the index finger and the Girdle of Venus. Next up are the Lines of Union, two little lines which reveal information about marriages, fertility, and divorce. These small lines are etched into the left side of a palm that belongs to a left hand.

After the Lines of Union come the Martian lines. These help you, as a chiromancer, discover a person’s military tendencies and their personal accomplishments. The Martian lines are about the same size of the Lines of Union and are right underneath those lines as well. After the Martian lines are the travel lines, which lie beneath the Martian lines. The travel lines are more than just physical—they tell chiromancers about personal explorations, journeys, and achievements.

The sixth secondary line is the Mercury line. The Mercury line cuts diagonally across the middle of a person’s palm and is mostly related to health. This line weaves bodily health and mental health together. Spiritual health is also shown in this line. Next are the bracelet lines, which are the final secondary lines. Like bracelets, they line your wrist horizontally. These lines are general, revealing information about financial security and happiness.

Of course, there is much more to chiromancy than the principal and secondary lines. Along with reading lines, chiromancers look for hills in the palm, ridges, unusual patterns, types of hands, types of fingers, palm marks, and what all those different factors mean when determining a personality. The simplest form of chiromancy is reduced to reading the lines, which has been covered above and can be explored even more by testing it out.

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