Divination Articles

Pendulum Divination: Not Just for Wizards Anymore

The practice of divination involves the use of ordinary materials to gain extraordinary information. If you have ever seen a movie in which a character used a forked stick, called a "divining rod," to seek an underground source of water, then you are familiar with one of the most common and practical forms of divination. Divination can be used for many other purposes, though. Examples include determining the sex of an unborn child, finding lost objects and much … [Read more...]

How to Read Tea Leaves for Beginners

The art of Tea Leaf Reading or Tasseomancy has been around for centuries. Like any of the other forms of Divination, there are many ways to approach this special mystical task. Tea Leaf Reading can provide powerful insight into one’s life simply by interpreting a few stems and sticks. This article is geared for the beginner Tea Leaf Reader to feel comfortable in a simple style of reading. Of course, it all starts with a cup of tea. The cup itself should have a … [Read more...]

Finding Psychic Divination Specialists To Call

For those who appreciate psychic and others who work with divination (such at tarot readers, astrologers and so forth), then this article is for you. What I've done is put together my favorite list of psychic phone numbers, tarot numbers and so forth. Some you may have heard of, others maybe not so much. For those, like myself, who want a little 'supernatural' help with life's issues, we usually have our favorite psychics and numbers. It is likely a badly kept secret … [Read more...]

Some Basic Palm Reading Tips

Many are quick to dismiss palmistry as a shallow, meaningless activity—but there’s more to the well-known spiritual art than it seems! Palmistry’s most used form is chiromancy, which is explained in depth below. Palm readers who are chiromancers prefer to read the lines on the hand and explore fortune-telling. In order to be a successful chiromancer, the first step is to develop a basic understanding of the hand’s principal lines. The life line … [Read more...]