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For those who appreciate psychic and others who work with divination (such at tarot readers, astrologers and so forth), then this article is for you. What I’ve done is put together my favorite list of psychic phone numbers, tarot numbers and so forth. Some you may have heard of, others maybe not so much. For those, like myself, who want a little ‘supernatural’ help with life’s issues, we usually have our favorite psychics and numbers. It is likely a badly kept secret that we ‘psychic junkies’ enjoy exploring other psychics, tarot readers and such.

My criteria for those psychic networks I contact is pretty simple.
1) If at all possible I want some sort of guarantee. I think a good psychic site offers a refund on one’s last reading if it turns out the last reading was just too far off the mark.

2) I want to know my personal information is kept confidential and safe.

3) I want my psychic service to be available 24/7.

4) I appreciate a selection of readers. If the divination specialist are tarot readers, then I’d like to select from several different readers. If I am contacting a large psychic network by phone number, I want a number of different types of readers who use various types of divination from clairvoyance to pendulum to rune stones. Some readers are just gifted with certain types of divination. I have discovered it is worth seeking out readers who use THEIR preferred divinational art. Some of my best readings have been with those psychics who work with a particular form of divination such as tarot or even I-ching.
psychics and crystal balls
5) Psychic communities or networks that you call must in some manner screen their psychics or readers prior to my calling and paying for a professional reading. Also, there is a definite ‘feel’ or ‘culture’ that varies between different psychic communities or network. I am not sure how to explain this other than some psychic communities just seem to attract particular types of psychics. Some are more professional than others. Some are far more open in the type of readings they can provide. Some just seem to attract ‘beginners’ or ‘wannabees’. I want the spiritually oriented, professional ‘feel’ of a psychic network.

To accomplish my goals I have come to appreciate the established, serious psychic/astrology/tarot sites with an ethical track record on dealing with clients. Like I said, I am willing to experiment, but not with personal credit information.

Now, let’s get on with listing out the best psychic phone numbers, in my humble opinion. I cannot take responsibility for what your experience may be. If you have been working with psychics before, you know what I mean. Certain psychics/networks just ‘work’ for some but not for others. All I can say is I have been very satisfied working with my favorite phone numbers to contact professional readers:

Psychic Selection and 1800 Psychics are GREAT sites for those who want help finding the right psychic for your questions. All you have to do is call 1-800-340-8374 (toll free USA and Canada). Psychic Selection (at is a great service that offers FREE help picking the right psychic for you. They are technically part of 1800 Psychics (visit at They have a wide selection of psychics who utilized many forms of divination. A specially trained support staff will speak with you, free, about your questions about which psychic, tarot reader, astrologer might best suit your needs AND connect you to those psychics available to help immediately. Excellent service.

Ask Psychics Network (at is another great psychic community. Their 24 hour number is 1-866-327-9032 (toll free USA and Canada). Wonderful group of psychics ready to answer any question. A very good selection of psychics, numerologists, tarot readers and so forth. Ask Psychics Network takes questions about love, asking the spirits, money questions and more. They also offer a free service helping you to select the best psychic for your needs (visit site for details). Ask Psychics Network is also great because they work to make psychic readings affordable for everyone. I’ve found them very affordable, a discount, really, for the quality of the psychics available.

I’ve always enjoyed Psychics Directory (at and their phone number – 1-866-407-7164. It is one my favorite places to browse for psychics, tarot readers, clairvoyants, mediums, astrologers, numerologists AND check my horoscope.

Authentic Psychics (at is really a fascinating place to find psychics. They also have a 24/7, toll free number at 1-800-888-5523 (toll free USA and Canada). This psychic network has some of the most unique and interesting psychics, clairvoyants, astrologers and tarot readers available. Where some psychic networks may shy away from psychics who are very religious or too direct with their insights, Authentic Psychics seem to embrace the more mystical and even occult psychics. Great readers and readings. They also have a special number for returning clients to purchase time to talk to psychics at a discount (however I’ve found that it is open to everyone who wants a reading). That number is 1-646-507-9520 and is staffed 24/7. They also have a cool, 24/7, free horoscope phone number you can call: 1-512-400-4376

1800 Tarot is where you can get specialty love, fate, fortune and money readings (Check out Available 24/7, you can call them at 1-800-326-5923. These tarot readers are hand selected and are really very good at Tarot. Tarot is a very popular form of divination because you can ask any question on any topic.

Tarot Love Readings (check out is where you can find tarot love specialists. You can call them at 1-866-525-2655 (toll free USA and Canada). Sometimes you just want a good, old fashion tarot love reading. These psychic tarot love readers will give you all the answers you are looking for. Really wonderful, loving, compassionate readers.

If astrology and psychic/clairvoyant astrologers is something that interests you, then check out 1800 Astrology (check out You can call them at 1-800-806-5899. Few forms of divination offers as much detail and insight as astrology. It is possibly one of the oldest forms of divination and one of the few that has evolved world wide from East to West. A gifted psychic astrologer can tell you things about the past, present and future that few others can.

Psychic Crystal

Do you have questions. Psychic Crystal has answers. Give her a call at: 1-866-407-7164 (toll free U.S. and Canada)

If you have questions about ghosts, hauntings or spirit contact then 1800 Ghost Help is the way to go (visit their site at These ghost and spirit specialist work with Psychic Selection/1800 psychics so you can reach them through the 1-800-340-8374 toll free number. You might enjoy dropping by their site and checking out the true ghost stories page. Fascinating stories from professional psychic mediums about hauntings, ghostly encounters and more.

That should give you a good start to finding some quality, interesting psychics to call. Divination is more a gift some seem to possess. Divination is also more art than science and none seem to adequately explain the hows and whys of it. The use of divination goes back to the beginning of human history. For my own part, I have come to see the value of it and am unashamed in using it to benefit myself and my relationships. I hope you find this article helpful in finding the best psychic phone numbers to call. All the best to you.

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