Pendulum Divination: Not Just for Wizards Anymore

The practice of divination involves the use of ordinary materials to gain extraordinary information. If you have ever seen a movie in which a character used a forked stick, called a "divining rod," to seek an underground source of water, then you are familiar with one of the most common and practical forms of divination. Divination can be used for many other purposes, though. Examples include determining the sex of an unborn child, finding lost objects and much more. In this article you will learn more about pendulum divination (where a pendulum is used as a divination too). A pendulum is simply a weight suspended at the end of a string.

Pendulums have been used in divination for thousands of years. In fact, their use was first recorded by the ancient Egyptians. pendulum readings Basically, a small weight is suspended at the end of a light string or chain and the user holds the end of the string or chain in order to let the weight swing freely. The user then asks a question to which the answer is either "yes" or "no." After the question is asked, the pendulum begins to swing in a specific direction and this movement indicates the answer to the question.

The direction of the swinging pendulum is individual to the user. In other words, for some people a "yes" answer is indicated when the pendulum swings in a counter-clockwise circle. For others, a "yes" answer is indicated when the pendulum swings back and forth or front to back. Therefore, the first time you use a pendulum you will need to find out which way it swings in order to indicate the answers you seek.

To make a simple pendulum, take a small object and tie a piece of thread to it, or suspend the object from a lightweight chain. To strengthen your connection with the pendulum you might want to choose an object that has a personal meaning for you. The most important aspect of the pendulum, however, is that it be very lightweight and able to swing freely and easily from a piece of thread, string, or light chain. The string should be approximately one foot in length.

When you have created your pendulum you are ready to give it a try. Use your pendulum in a place where you feel comfortable and make sure you are in a relaxed frame of mind. Take a couple of slow, deep breaths to help you achieve a state of comfortable relaxation. Hold the pendulum in front of you. You may want to rest your elbow on a table so that you can hold the pendulum suspended for several minutes without becoming uncomfortable.

To determine the pendulum’s movement for a question to which the answer is "yes," think of a question to which you already know that the answer is "yes." Facts about yourself work well, such as "Was I born in Orlando, Florida?" (if you were indeed born in Orlando). Ask your question aloud and wait for the pendulum to swing. It may take several seconds for the pendulum to start swinging and a couple of seconds more for it to find its rhythm and begin swinging strongly. Be patient.

Do the same to determine your pendulum’s swing for a question to which the answer is "no" by first thinking of a question to which you know that the answer is definitely "no." For instance, if you are a male, you might ask the pendulum "Am I female?" in order to see how the pendulum swings to indicate a negative response.

Once you have determined the manner in which your pendulum swings to indicate "yes" and "no" answers, you are ready to ask any other question that you desire to know the answer to. The pendulum works by helping you tap into your intuition. Some people are born with a stronger sense of intuition than others, so don’t be discouraged if at first you feel that the pendulum is not moving very much. Like any skill, the use of a pendulum requires practice in order to fine-tune its performance.

One of the most common uses of a pendulum is to find an item that you have lost. If you would like to try this, you must ask the pendulum specific questions that relate to places the object might be. For instance, if you have lost your cell phone, you might ask the pendulum questions such as "Is my cell phone in my car?" or "Is my cell phone in my bedroom?" Watch the pendulum carefully to determine the answer.

Using a pendulum can be a fun and informative way to tap into your intuitive powers. With practice, you can use this age-old technique to help you gain information about your world and even your future.

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