In Astrology What Are Moon Signs?

Almost everyone knows which of the twelve zodiac constellations the sun was in on the day that they were born. In other words, almost everyone knows their sun sign. The problem is that it is hard to believe, considering the multiplicity of personalities that we see around us, that there are twelve basic types of people in the world. So you might be interested to find out that there is another sign, the moon sign, which adds another dimension to your personal … [Read more...]

A Psychic Reading for New Years

The tradition of 'new years resolutions' (the listing of the all things you'll change and do in the new year ahead) is as old as New Year's parties. Everyone likes to look forward with hope and to think about what they will do better. All of us want to create experiences that will be better in the year ahead. Other people feel the whole 'new years resolution' thing is dumb. However, it is hard to ignore that according to research, those who at least set up a plan and … [Read more...]

Finding Psychic Divination Specialists To Call

For those who appreciate psychic and others who work with divination (such at tarot readers, astrologers and so forth), then this article is for you. What I've done is put together my favorite list of psychic phone numbers, tarot numbers and so forth. Some you may have heard of, others maybe not so much. For those, like myself, who want a little 'supernatural' help with life's issues, we usually have our favorite psychics and numbers. It is likely a badly kept secret … [Read more...]

Reincarnation and Its Place in Christianity

Reincarnation is the belief that, when we die, our souls come back to life in new bodies. It is a philosophical concept that many religions believe to be true. Reincarnation is a core belief in Hinduism, closely linked to “karma” – the sum of one’s good and bad deeds that eventually determines one’s rebirth. Other religions – especially Eastern religions like Buddhism, Sikhism, and Taoism – also believe in reincarnation albeit … [Read more...]