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The Five Greatest Women Pirates

Piracy is an ancient trade, both celebrated and vilified. The best known pirates from Blackbeard to the fictional Jack Sparrow are men. However, women throughout history have carved a place for themselves among the sea rovers. Over a thousand years and five continents, these five women have pillaged their way into the history books. Princess Sela The earliest known woman pirate, Sela was a princess of Norway and sister of the King, Koller. The ancient historian Saxo … [Read more...]

Reasons He Never Called You After the First Date

You hate first dates. The worst first dates are the ones that go extremely well, and then guy pulls a disappearing act and you never hear from him again. Since the actual date was successful, you have no idea what went wrong. Perhaps, he lost your number, you think to yourself. However, that is not likely, especially since he has your work email too and still hasn’t reached out. Even though you may never get down to the specific reason why he disappeared into thin air, … [Read more...]

4 Signs You Are Dating A Toxic Man

Dating a toxic man for too long can really mess you up in future relationships. Most toxic men are very good at what they do and it doesn't take long to convince you to see things their way. This article outlines 4 signs that you are dating a toxic man. One: He belittles your feelings Everyone’s feelings matter. It doesn't matter if someone else doesn't understand why you are happy or sad or upset, you are entitled to your feelings. If the man you're dating tells … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Love Cures for Single Women

Using feng shui principles in the home can make a single woman feel more attractive and desirable so she attracts love into her life. Single women who live in cluttered, messy homes wearing sweatpants every day are unwittingly shunning love and passion. On a practical level, men who date women often check out their apartments or homes to see whether they know how to keep house. It might sound sexist and old-fashioned, but many men still look to a woman to be the … [Read more...]

Why You Are Not Meeting the Man of Your Dreams?

You may have not had a date for over a year because you can’t find a man who lives up to your standards. Or you could be experiencing the opposite – you’ve been on numerous dates, but none of the men you’ve met even remotely begin to fit the description of your dream guy. It’s likely that one or more of the scenarios described below fits you. Once you work out what is blocking you from your dream guy, you’ll be much more likely to meet … [Read more...]