Reasons He Never Called You After the First Date

You hate first dates. The worst first dates are the ones that go extremely well, and then guy pulls a disappearing act and you never hear from him again. Since the actual date was successful, you have no idea what went wrong. Perhaps, he lost your number, you think to yourself. However, that is not likely, especially since he has your work email too and still hasn’t reached out. Even though you may never get down to the specific reason why he disappeared into thin air, … [Read more...]

The Bizarre Origins of Some Common Phrases

Every language has its fair share of bizarre, common sayings which people, over time, have forgotten where the phrase originated. When we say something like "gets our goat," or "the cat's pajamas" or is "willy nilly," we usually do so without with out really knowing the original source behind the phrase. Every common phrase or idiom has a time and place where it began. Often, knowing the origins of common (though unusual) phrases will add a … [Read more...]

Serious About Recovering Your Stolen Car? Go Unconventional

It can be a terrible experience to stand in an empty parking slot and see that your car is simply not there anymore. As depressing a feeling as it can be, though, it’s important to take a few steps immediately. You need to improve your chances of finding your car and minimize the fallout. Your first steps Parking areas can be confusing. Many car theft reports happen simply because the owners have forgotten where exactly they parked their car. Sometimes, it … [Read more...]

Five Common Weight Loss Myths

Losing weight can be a challenge. Keeping it off can prove to be an even bigger challenge however. From the many weight loss tips that circulate through the dieting world, a number of myths have arisen. Following are five of the most popular dieting myths: Myth #1 Extreme Dieting is the Healthiest Way to Lose Weight The new extreme diets that are currently taking the world of weight loss by storm certainly seem to be the best and healthiest way to shed … [Read more...]