Reasons He Never Called You After the First Date

You hate first dates. The worst first dates are the ones that go extremely well, and then guy pulls a disappearing act and you never hear from him again. Since the actual date was successful, you have no idea what went wrong. Perhaps, he lost your number, you think to yourself. However, that is not likely, especially since he has your work email too and still hasn’t reached out. Even though you may never get down to the specific reason why he disappeared into thin air, there are reasons why some guys never call again.

He Has a Girlfriend

Some guys are dogs. A guy may ask you out on a date, but he may already have a girlfriend, or even a wife. If he doesn’t call you the next day to catch up or set a second date, he may already be involved with another woman. Perhaps, asking you out was a part of a childish dare or maybe he wanted to see what going out with you would be like.

He Lost Interest

His attention span is too short. Sometimes, a guy will be all over you one minute but cold the next minute. Romance may not be his main priority. Perhaps, work has taken precedence over dating. Not all guys are great multi-taskers or even the best communicators. His disappearing act may be nothing personal. It may just be bad timing.

There Just Was Not Enough Spark For Him

You may think you both had a good time, but are you sure? Maybe you had a blast, but he didn’t. Sure, he may have laughed at your jokes and even slipped you a kiss good night. However, he may not have felt a spark. Perhaps, you reminded him of his ex-girlfriend, and he had no intention of repeating his past mistakes.

He Met Someone Else

There are millions of women in the world. After he dropped you off at home after your date, he may have bumped into the love of his life, or maybe someone who he had instant chemistry with. There is also a chance that he reconciled with an old girlfriend or suddenly decided to give a commitment to another woman who he was dating.

Sex or No Sex

Maybe your date wasn’t looking for anything serious. If you didn’t have sex on the first date, perhaps he started looking for some action somewhere else. Not every guy dates for companionship or fun, some men just date to get laid. Another possibility is that you did have sex with him on the first date, and he has no intention of paying for a second date because he already scored.

If you never heard from your date again, you should know that you are not missing out on a great guy. If he was really interested in pursuing you, then he would. A guy who is worth is salt isn’t going to disappear. A good guy won’t just call for a second date, he will just call to hear your voice.

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