4 Signs You Are Dating A Toxic Man

Dating a toxic man for too long can really mess you up in future relationships. Most toxic men are very good at what they do and it doesn’t take long to convince you to see things their way. This article outlines 4 signs that you are dating a toxic man.

help with toxic men One: He belittles your feelings
Everyone’s feelings matter. It doesn’t matter if someone else doesn’t understand why you are happy or sad or upset, you are entitled to your feelings. If the man you’re dating tells you not to cry or mocks you when you do cry, this is not a good man to be with. It’s impossible to control how someone else feels and someone who even tries to is a toxic person. You will end up feeling guilty for having emotions if you put up with him for too long. Do not continue to date a man who attempts to control your feelings and emotions.

Two: Your life must revolve around him
A toxic man will expect your entire life to revolve around him. He will have little consideration for the fact that you work, have your own activities, and require a little time alone. This kind of man will expect you to be at his beck and call 24/7. He will be upset if you do not take his calls right away or call him back immediately, even if you’re busy at work or out with your friends. He expects to be first in your life and if he’s not he will not be shy about letting you know.

Three: He manipulates you
When a toxic boyfriend doesn’t get his way, he will resort to manipulation to make sure that he does. He will accuse you of cheating, he will say you don’t love him, or he may threaten to break up with you just to make your nervous and do whatever he’s asking.

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If this works even once, he will not hesitate to use the tactic again to get his own way. A toxic man will use any form of manipulation he has to in order to get his way. He won’t care about your feelings or needs because to him they don’t matter as much as his.

Four: He sabotages your attempts at success
It might seem innocent when your boyfriend drags you away from your work or a project you’re working on, but it might be more than that. If he always seems to need your undivided attention only when you attempt to get work done on something important to you, he might be trying to hold you back. If you get the feeling that he’s trying to hold you back and distract you, he probably is. It might be hard to believe that someone who loves you would keep you from achieving your goals, but it happens more often than you think. Sometimes men (and women) feel insecure about themselves, but instead of working on themselves, they hold others back.

If you are dating a toxic man, it’s important that you know you cannot change him. You will only waste months, possibly years, trying. Instead of wasting that time, cut your losses and move on to find someone better. tracking

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