Introduction to Holding a Seance

An interest in the spiritual and supernatural leads many people to experimenting with ghost hunting or holding a séance. Each person’s goals vary, but interest ranges from a general curiosity about ghosts and spirits to the desire to make contact with a deceased relative or loved one. Even if you are skeptical about the supernatural, you must be prepared for the unexpected and follow some guidelines before attempting to contact spirits. One of the safest ways to enter … [Read more...]

10 Most Common Dreams and Their Interpretations

People dream to work out psychological and emotional issues for use during their waking hours. Dreams are rarely literal. Instead they use symbols to represent real life situations. Scientists believe we use these dreams to work out personal problems, prepare for stressful events, gain insight into puzzling situations and to unwind our thoughts to simply relax. A number of common features often turn up in dreams. Dream Of Flying Dreams are flying are very common to … [Read more...]

A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own Tarot Spreads

Whether you're a seasoned reader of Tarot cards, or a newbie just learning the ropes, the time may come when you want to create your own Tarot spreads. It may be that you've found it difficult to locate a spread that addresses your specific situation, or you may simply want to expand your skills by creating spreads that speak specifically to you. Whatever the reason, designing your own Tarot spreads is an easy process once you have a solid plan for doing so. Learn … [Read more...]

Angels In Christianity

Angels are regarded in Christianity as spirits who are messengers of God and feature quite often in both the New Testament and Old Testament of the Christian Bible. The word angel means messenger in Greek and Hebrew, and the explanation of angels commonly found in Christianity is that they are the messengers of God or the hands of the messenger of God, carrying out God’s tasks. There is also a theoretical area of study about angels known as angelology. Angels are … [Read more...]