Is Your Dog Psychic? Can Animals Sense The Paranormal?

The question of whether animals can exhibit psychic behavior when they are alive, or become ghosts when they are dead, is a controversial and interesting one. Animal lovers passionately will explain that the answer to both questions is an emphatic “yes”! On the other hand, many believe that animals do not have a soul which means they cannot return as ghosts. They argue that those who believe their pets can sense the presence of a paranormal in the vicinity are misinterpreting the highly developed sense of smell and hearing that animals possess and that humans have lost throughout the years. do pets sense paranormal In other words, your Fido is highly attuned to his environment and he isn’t seeing a ghost when he stares intently at that empty corner of the room, while emitting a low guttural growl and with the hair rising on his back. What he senses is a mouse on the other side of the wall.

However, it is difficult to ignore the myriad accounts of animals that appear to hear or see things that the humans standing next to them cannot sense. Stories abound about dogs whose behavior dramatically changes when they are brought to a place known for its violent deaths, such as the courtyard of a prison where executions were carried out. Within seconds of entering such spaces, what was a happy dog instantly becomes a terrified, or sad and depressed one. Some dogs refuse to even enter such places. People also relate countless examples of pets whose eyes will repeatedly follow something in the room, while the humans that are present don’t see anything – not even a fly.

Then there are the sightings of the ghosts of dogs, cats and horses, as well as the accounts of deceased pets who return to comfort their bereft humans. People who feel something jumping on their bed at night and get up to see the ghost of their beloved cat curled up on the same spot of the bed where she slept every night. Others hear the exact whimpering of their dead dog even though there is no dog in sight. Or one can listen to the stories of many visitors to Gettysburg who have seen the ghost of a long dead dog racing across what was once a horrific battlefield. Many believe this is the ghost of General Barkdale’s dog that was killed while running across the battlefield to deliver a message to his master. Other chilling accounts come from visitors, staff and workers at the Roman Colosseum, the sight of the brutal slaughter of thousands of exotic animals during the gladiator battles, who have seen and heard the ghosts of those animals.

So what are the explanations for these paranormal phenomena? One theory posits that animals do not possess the sentience that is a prerequisite to having a conscious personality, meaning that their essence cannot survive death and therefore it is impossible that they appear as ghosts. People who subscribe to this theory explain that the grief stricken pet owner is merely seeing an apparition buried deep in his own subconscious memory of his pet. The owner’s love for his deceased pet keeps the animal’s spirit alive in his memory. A second theory holds that perhaps animals do have a very basic sentience and their ghost can indeed return to the physical places they enjoyed while alive, much as human ghosts do.

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However, because an animal’s basic consciousness is not as strong as that which humans possess, their ghostly apparitions will disappear as the animal’s energy fades away. A third theory is simply that animals, especially the higher-order ones such as dogs, cats and horses, have souls and a consciousness that enables them to return as ghosts.

What do you believe? Can animals sense the paranormal? Or, is there a logical, scientific explanation for the paranormal activity that animals can exhibit and the sightings of animal spirits that so many people have seen and heard throughout history? The debate lives on.

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