Introduction to Holding a Seance

An interest in the spiritual and supernatural leads many people to experimenting with ghost hunting or holding a séance. Each person’s goals vary, but interest ranges from a general curiosity about ghosts and spirits to the desire to make contact with a deceased relative or loved one. Even if you are skeptical about the supernatural, you must be prepared for the unexpected and follow some guidelines before attempting to contact spirits. One of the safest ways to enter the world of séances is to attend one held by an experienced practitioner, but eventually you may want to host one yourself.

The Following Are Some Suggestions For Your First Seance

One: Select Your Guest Carefully
Three to seven guests is a good number of people to invite to a séance. The obvious considerations are the space you have at your chosen location, and the size of the table you have to seat everyone around. Think carefully about the people you invite, as someone who has no interest or belief in spirits is likely to carry negative energy and be a disruption. Someone who likes to crack jokes and play the joker won’t take things seriously, and could ruin the evening for everyone else.

Two: Plan For a Séance to Be in the Evening
It’s generally accepted that spirits are more receptive to communicating after dark, so don’t plan a lunchtime séance. It can take several hours to make contact with the spirit world, so advise your guests to be prepared to stay all evening. It can be very disappointing if you feel you are making some progress and one of your guests suddenly has to leave. A successful séance is often about collective desire and energy, and one person leaving the group may be too great a disturbance for any further contact with the spirit world.

Three: Create the Appropriate Atmosphere
It’s believed that most spirits don’t like to make themselves known to the living, and they can even be confused about their passing to the other side. Creating a relaxed atmosphere is important both for your guests and the spirits you wish to make contact with. Choose a quiet room which is a comfortable temperature. Windows should be covered with blinds or curtains to prevent stray light entering the room. Candles are great for creating a relaxed atmosphere, and harsh artificial lighting should be avoided.

Four: Prepare a Table for Guests to Gather Around
There are various methods of conducting a séance, but most people agree that sitting around a table is a good way of focusing those present ready for contact with the spirit world. Some people like to use a Ouija board, as this can be used to channel communication from any spirits appearing. Others believe that a Ouija board can attract more malevolent entities, and it’s better to attempt to speak to spirits directly.

Five: Open Communications and Prepare For Spirit Contact
Once everyone is seated at the table and relaxed, a few minutes of quiet meditation will create the calm atmosphere ready to attempt communication with spirits. Holding hands around the table can help to unite the group and create an energy which is thought to attract spiritual beings. If you are leading the séance, you should ask any spirits present to show themselves once everyone is calm and relaxed. You may call to the spirits of specific people, such as deceased relatives of those seated at the table.

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Six: Keep Calm and Be Prepared
Spirits may make their presence known by creating tapping noises or breezes in the room, or they may make more direct contact. If one of your guests is particularly gifted or receptive to spiritual influence, the deceased may use him as a vessel for communication. Whatever happens, keep calm and don’t react with any signs of fear of concern. If a malevolent presence appears, state firmly that they are not welcome and ask them to move on.

As you become more experienced at conducting séances you will learn how to encourage spirits to stay longer and communicate more openly. Don’t give up if your first attempts are disappointing, as contacting spiritual beings is a skill developed over time.

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