Psychic Edgar Cayce on the Origins of Man

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was an American psychic who answered questions and offered diagnoses for a multitude of maladies while in a trance state. This state of expanded consciousness brought him in touch with a psychic storehouse of information and wisdom that he referred to as the Universal Mind. Cayce believed that his gift was everyone’s birthright; all one needed was proper training and attunement. While there has been a lot of controversy surrounding his readings – and particularly the manner in which they occurred – many doctors and scientists have verified the truth of his prophecies, particularly those that pertain to health and the physical body.

Edgar CayceSome of Cayce’s readings touch upon Atlantis, both during the days of its prominence and during its decline and subsequent fall. Others go back even farther, evoking the very origins of mankind. According to Cayce the process of man’s evolution took a very long time because it involved souls gradually influencing physical reality until finally they became, in a sense, “trapped” within it. This had always been a probability – foreseen, and yet not set in stone, as each soul had a hand in its own destiny.

At first there was a sea of spirit that filled all of creation, and this spirit became self-aware. It awakened. Along with self-awareness came a desire to create. It altered its vibrations in order to make patterns for endless forms. The life essence infused all of these creations, and each design carried within itself the impetus towards it own evolution. Everything that came into being was purportedly an aspect of one mind, and Cayce referred to this one mind as God. Souls were created so that God could have companionship. Each soul was imbued with free will, and could build new patterns from the use of the mind.

From here the unfolding events resemble the biblical fall that is recounted in the Book of Revelations. According to Cayce’s readings, certain souls became aggressive and began experimenting, merging their forms with physical matter such as stardust. The planets and solar systems, which were physical representations of heavenly dimensions, became temptations for them. As they worked upon creation they developed faculties, such as the five senses and glandular and nervous systems, that they needed to experience it more fully.

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They were then gradually drawn into the “current” (Cayce’s word for it) of physical reality. In time a form was found that was most appropriate for these “descending” souls: that of the anthropoid ape. According to Cayce, these souls influenced the ape, and the evolution of the human body followed as a result of this influence. The miracle of human consciousness within the world of physical form was at last achieved. But this was not accomplished without cost, for Cayce reveals that as souls entered more completely into physical consciousness they lost much of the spiritual awareness that they’d enjoyed before incarnating.

This could be considered mankind’s core dilemma, according to his readings. We have to reconcile our spiritual longings with our materialistic leanings, and often experience conflict between the two.

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