A Psychic Reading for New Years

The tradition of ‘new years resolutions’ (the listing of the all things you’ll change and do in the new year ahead) is as old as New Year’s parties. Everyone likes to look forward with hope and to think about what they will do better. All of us want to create experiences that will be better in the year ahead. Other people feel the whole ‘new years resolution’ thing is dumb. However, it is hard to ignore that according to research, those who at least set up a plan and imagine their future tend to be happier and to accomplish more.

There is another, though uncommon, New Years tradition: Using divination to get an idea of what the future holds. Hard as it is to believe for many people, seeking a peek at the future through divination has been (and is) a tradition around New Years in a number of different cultures throughout history. In Korea, there is the ancient tradition of ‘throwing of the Yut Sticks’. For the ancient Celts, a favorable time for divination was between Samhain (Halloween) and Yule (the winter solstice). The ancient Scandinavians looked to the ‘Wise Women-Storytellers’ or sagas to read the rune stones at midwinter . In Russia, between January 6th to about January 19th, there is ‘Sviatki’ where the ‘mummers’ do fortune telling for people about the coming New Year (and use various types of divination).

Many cultures, and people, have found that getting the new year started with some ideas about what the future may hold can be very advantageous. Combining one’s New Year’s resolutions with divination? Who knows, maybe blending ancient and modern traditions might prove to be a powerful way to start a new year. Although the type of divination used at or near the beginning of a new year can be cultural, it really doesn’t matter which form of divination is use. What matters is that you are comfortable with the reader and type of divination (with some consideration about what questions you may want to ask about the coming year).

To help you with connecting with a good reader and obtaining the type of reading that best suits you, here is some advice and suggestions. Today, we use the word ‘psychics’ very generally, but overall we are looking for someone who can ‘see’ into the past, present and the future. Within the general term ‘psychics’ there are actually a wide range of skills, gifts and abilities from reading tarot to spirit contact. Here is an overview of the various types of divination and psychics.

Tarot is one of the more recognized forms of divination, especially in the West (see History of Tarot for more details about tarot). When looking for a New Year’s tarot reading about the up coming year, you might want to consider exactly the question you have in mind about the new year. Although the question, "What is going to happen next year?" is a valid question, it is WAY to general. Don’t you want to know what is going to happen to YOU next year? And, in what part of your life? Love? Career? Family?

Having an idea about what specifically you want to know helps the psychic tarot reader focus on answers you are looking for (and save you time and money). Check out www.1-800-tarot.com for great tarot readers. You can call them at 1-800-326-5923 toll free. You might appreciate Psychic Hope and Psychic Stella always seems to be worth contacting.


The use of the pendulum for psychic purposes dates back thousands of years and is a form of dowsing (see Pendulum Divination for more information). As with tarot, pendulum is about asking specific questions about the coming New Year. Someone with good psychic skills working with the pendulum is Psychic Scarlette, you can call her toll free at 1-866-327-9032.

Spirit medium and Psychic Empathics
Spirit mediums (sometimes called psychic mediums or mediums) are psychics who work with spirit guides and who often can see, hear or feel the presence of spirits and related incorporeal beings. Often such psychics can receive impressions, hear messages or possibly see visions that can be about the past, present and the future. A reading with such psychics can be about specific questions about the future, or, one can ask such a psychic about what the future holds in general.

Do not be surprised if a reading with a spirit medium wanders into interesting territory. Such readings can go beyond the general prediction about what is in store for you next year. Readings with mediums about what next year holds can be shocking about what’s predicted, can be very good as to what you should be doing about the coming future, or, they can be confusing. Sometimes the reading can off into left field (where you end up with a message from your uncle Ned who passed on last year and has to share with you some family secret). How a New Years reading goes with a psychic medium really depends on with which psychic medium you choose and how well the two of you connect.

Psychic empathics or those who receive impressions from others, which often seems to resemble ‘mind reading’ or ’emotion reading’ are really not the best for a New Years reading. For sorting out a relation, or helping you through your own feelings, they can be great. Future predictions in a broad sense … maybe not so much … but again … it can depend on which ‘intuitive’ or ‘psychic empath’ you choose.

Some really interesting psychic mediums and empathic psychics to chat with? Psychic Coffee, Psychic Mari and Aina Jean

Astrology has a long and venerable history in predicting the future. There are a few different types of astrology: Western, Vedic and Asian or Chinese Astrology. All focus on what is written in the stars and the influence of the Universe (see Astrology Articles for more information). With Astrology, what’s is in the stars "is what it is". An astrologer looks into what influences are at work, when these influences will be strongest, and helps a client capitalize on timing. It’s all about how to best take advantage of opportunities and avoiding hazards. For good astrologers, check out www.1-800-astrology.com or call them toll free at 1-800-806-5899. For a New Years Vedic astrological reading, it is difficult to beat Psychic Astrologer Kumari.

Numerology was a favorite form of divination among the ancient Greeks, especially the ruling class and merchants (see All about Numerology for articles and links on this topic). Numerology is not necessarily the best vehicle for forecasting what is in store for you the coming year (although a very good numerologist can tell you what months and/or days you can expect good results or not-so-good results). Numerology is more about knowing what your strengths are (based on numerological interpretations of your names, date of birth and so forth); when is the best time to do certain activities; and where one should be or go to achieve the best results. All of this is based on numbers.

What numerologist can tell you about yourself, your best love choices, career choices and how to gauge when ‘luck’ will be on your side, is truly fascinating. Skilled numerologists, especially numerologists who work with their psychic intuitive gifts can provide amazing readings. But, when it comes to an overview of the coming year, well, it is an acquired taste. However, for a personal reading about career, love, where to live, when the timing is best for certain activities, you may discover numerology is something special you can use. A few exceptional numerologists you may appreciate: Madeline, Allie and Martha

Rune Stones
Much debate goes on about how old ‘runestone readings’ really are. What is known is that the runes have been considered magickal and have mythological importance to the Norse, the Vikings. If you want to go ‘old school’ and have a rune stone reading, you really should contact Denise.

General Psychic Networks
If you want to look over a whole bunch of psychics in order to find a reader that suits your needs here are some psychic networks that are worth you time. Check out:
Ask Psychics – free email reading – 24/7 support – call them toll free at 1-866-327-9032.
Psychic Directory Network – free 3 minute trial reading – call toll free 1-800-951-1444.
Psychic Selection and 1800 Psychics – get free help selecting a psychic – 1-800-340-8374.

Last Tip About a New Years Reading
Although a few divination systems are listed above, there are many more. Also, many psychics work with several different types of divination (like a clairvoyant who works with astrology, or, a spirit medium who is also an accomplished tarot reader). This is mentioned so you are not surprised that you start off with a tarot reading and them the psychic asks if you are interested in what the spirits have to say). When you start going into depth in a reading, or request a more definitive time line, many psychics will choose a divinational tool that best suits the situation. Just so you know.

What is in store for you next year? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know? Maybe what a psychic tells you will turn out to be inconsequential. But what if they tell you something that turns out to be both true and very helpful? It worked pretty well for
Alexander the Great. He nearly conquered the known world before the age of 30, and did it with the help of oracles, psychics and divination about the future.

Have a great New Year.

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