Tips on Finding the Perfect Neighborhood for Your New Home

For the vast majority of families, purchasing a home will be something you only do a handful of times in your life. A new home is a big step and not something you can get out of easily once the decision has been made. It is not uncommon for people to procrastinate and hold off making a decision, at least until they find a home they fall in love with. However, your home choice is not the only thing to consider. The place you will call your local neighborhood should be a … [Read more...]

Sweep Her Off Her Feet: Tips for the First Date

You did it. You met an awesome woman. You got her number. And you got her to go out with you. All of those can be nerve-wracking in their own right, but now comes to the true test: the first date. Everyone guy wants to set up a perfect first date, but in all honesty, there's no real formula for a perfect first date. Every woman is different and has different needs and expectations. But if you follow these five simple tips, you'll be sure to have a great time. And more … [Read more...]

Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of a natural (or even man-made) disaster hitting close to home. Or, the possibility of a nature disaster striking one's home. Yet, it is very important that all of us be prepared for a natural disaster (and then pray one never has to deal with one). Every day, the threat of another natural disaster looms. When one strikes, families and friends are left in dismay. Loved ones may be lost or injured, possessions may have been … [Read more...]