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Computers: Making life easier. At least that was the idea when computers were invented. For most of us, computers seem to help and amaze as often as they frustrate and mess up our world. In this section you will find a range of articles from basic computer information, repair, programming and related topics. Enjoy ...

TV On PC Without Programming

Watching television on a laptop or computer has become a viable alternative to cable and satellite. Why spend potentially hundreds of dollars a month — that’s thousands of dollars a year — for these increasingly expensive services? TV on PC can essentially be done for the cost of software, a download and installation. No technicians to wait for, no huge installation fees to be paid, no complicated decisions on which packages suit your … [Read more...]

Easy Laptop Computer Repairs

Anyone who has sent their laptop to a computer repair center to be repaired is all too familiar with just how expensive it can be. Even if you get a quote for the repair costs first, which you should, the bill can often come to more than the cost of a new computer. The problem with laptops is that the parts are far more integrated than they are in a desktop computer. A laptop motherboard, for example, is almost always designed for a specific model and designed to fit … [Read more...]

What Is A Podcast Client?

A podcast client is the software used to access and download podcasts. Podcast clients are also known as media aggregators, programs designed to automatically access an online file, or feed, and download the audio or video file associated with it. Hundreds of these programs exist, with names like IpodderX, Juice, Nimiq, and PodSpider. These podcast clients are easy to find, and because there are so many available for free, it is easy to find one that suits an … [Read more...]

The Difference of Adware, Spyware and Anti-virus

Adware, spyware and computer virus share some similarities, one of which is that all three are major nuisances for computer users. Let's differentiate the three. Spyware is software that does not intentionally harm your computer. What they do is that they create pathways wherein someone else aside from the computer owner can communicate with the computer. Normally spywares record the various types of web sites you visit which are later used by web advertisers to … [Read more...]