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Computers: Making life easier. At least that was the idea when computers were invented. For most of us, computers seem to help and amaze as often as they frustrate and mess up our world. In this section you will find a range of articles from basic computer information, repair, programming and related topics. Enjoy ...

Beyond Phishing – Vishing and Smishing

You are probably already familiar with phishing, which leverages the trust people have in email to trick them into visiting fake websites and providing confidential information. If you have ever received a legitimate-looking email purporting to be from your bank, you may have been the target of a phishing attack. The sophistication of those fake emails can be quite impressive, and every year untold numbers of victims click on the embedded links and find their computers … [Read more...]

5 Android Apps for Couples

There are plenty of apps that can be used by couples to share information, but the app market also contains lots of other options. This article looks at five Android apps your partner and you can use to improve your relationship, to help solve issues, or just for fun. 2gether Many modern, tech-friendly couples share a large number of private -- and even intimate -- pictures. But with so many public phone hacking scandals in the news and personal images appearing … [Read more...]

Why You Might Want To Keep Your Landline Phone Service

Telephone customers have been abandoning their landlines in droves in favor of cell service and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) options. If you have been thinking about joining those digital enthusiasts, you might want to consider a few reasons why keeping your landline phone makes sense. Your landline telephone does more than just connect you to the outside world. It also provides a steady and reliable service that even the most reliable cell phone is unable to … [Read more...]

Is Your Computer Slow? A Few Tips

When your computer starts running slow, you might be surprised at the possible causes. Your computer appears to have slowed down and you don’t know computers well enough to find out what to do. Before you begin to experiment with possible solutions yourself, check if you’re doing any of the following. Chances are, one of these is responsible for your slow down. Downloading Or Installing On Your Computer What You Shouldn't Falling for persuasively … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself In Case Of Phone Theft

Cell phones used to be little more than a call mechanism and a few buttons. They could not store much information beyond a few phone numbers. These days they are getting to be more and more like computers. Even the most basic cell phone has contact lists, personal information and pictures stored on it. Smartphones may have passwords, personal information, bank information and who knows what else you don’t want stolen. A thief can pick up your phone, steal your … [Read more...]